Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why the Quiet???.....

Hi my bloggy friends!!!

It has been one more week around my house!!!

We are busy getting things prepared for vacation next week and then my Dad, who has some heart problems, is in the hospital and going to have some test ran this morning that could or could not move right on into surgery.

I ask you to pray for my Dad, mainly for salvation, but that the tests are only a nuisance to him...just a bump in the road and not anything major.

God being my helper, I'll have an amazing list for Thankful Thursday tomorrow!!

Thanks so much for reading, following and hanging in there with me even when I don't get to post on a regular basis.

Each one of you is so special and such a blessing to me!!


Andrea said...

Praying that GOD will penetrate your Dad's heart...that HE will do whatever it takes to get your dad into HIS good and perfect will..into HIS kingdom of followers.
Blessings and prayers, andrea
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Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I pray that your Dad opens his heart to the Lord and God works in his life to bring him to know God. My parents are not Christians so I can understand how you feel about this.
Love Collette xxx

Loriann said...

We are praying for your dad, and your trip, and also for R, in her situation..... Love and
P.s. Anna is at her house again... please pray...
God knows our hearts.
Lori and girls

Pam D said...

Considering that it's been over a week since I posted (FINALLY did a little one today), I think I have no reason to chide you at all. And I'll be praying for your dad and for his heart.. .AND for his "heart"...