Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free Blog Makeover!!

By now, most of you have guessed that I'm not the smartest chip in the computer when it comes to the computer. If it weren't for some very dear..compassionate..I feel so sorry for this poor thing, somebody help her, (mom!!)..blogging sisters, my site would still be pathetic.

Then along comes my sweet sister Beth who has got this awesome blog makeover!!! (No, I'm not envious..but this thing looks GOOD!!) and she has been gracious enough to give each of us a shot at winning a makeover!!

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25¢ Pizza!!

We love pizza in our house, but we seldom go out for pizza. It's just a lot cheaper to make pizza from scratch.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hubby's Free Time

I have to admit, I'm just having one of those days where I can't think of a single thing to blog about. So I decided just to sit down and type. I mean, isn't rambling good??

DH is off of work today. Not his choice, but the result of things just being slow. Bear in mind he works at a hospital, so the patient load being small is good for the patients, not good for the employees. Kind of a catch 22 huh??

Anyway he and a coworker decided to go get breakfast together and check out a "tool shed" in a neighboring town. He was really iffy about even going, but I really encouraged him to do this.

DH never takes time for himself. If he's not at work, he's working on something around the house, or spending time with me and the kids. All of these are good things, but his job is so stressful and he works so's important for him to just have some guy time and do absolutely nothing.

He left not too long ago and he was all smiles. It is so good to watch him leave "just because".

How about your guy? Is he so focused on taking care of the house and the family, the bills and his job, or working at the church or in ministry, that he just doesn't take any time for himself??

Being a stay at home mom, I sometimes feel guilty. Don't get me wrong..for 17 years I've stayed at home and 'held down the fort' to speak..taking care of babies and the house, homeschooling and household responsibilities, homeschooling, household responsibilities and running preteens where they needed to go, and now, household chores and keeping two very active teenagers schedules from conflicting!! There are days where I feel like my ole' brain is just flatlining.....but sometimes our guys can get so focused on the 'need to do's' that they don't take any time for the 'want to do's'.

The times I can get DH to go off on a 'want to do', he always comes home looking so relaxed and refreshed. His mind is always clearer and he's always so excited to share about his day. I'm looking forward to that this afternoon.
During the warmer months, I can convince DH to just get on his motorcycle and ride. He's usually not gone more than a couple of hours, but the difference in him when he does get home is astonishing!!

How about your guy? Does he get so focused on the 'have to do's' that he takes no time for himself and the 'want to do's'? Step up ladies! Make sure to encourage your DH to take some time to relax and enjoy himself. Even if it's just a few hours a month. Believe me, it will not only make a difference in your guy, but it will make a positive difference in your relationship.

What do you do to encourage your DH to take a little time for himself??


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Found My Laundry Room!!!!

We've lived in our house almost 4 years, and I was pretty sure I remembered that when we looked at the house, it had a laundry room. Yes, I was certain of it. Problem was, I lost it and I needed to find it again.

There is this little room just off my carport that houses my washer and dryer, so that was the most obvious place to look. I can get to this room by going out the kitchen door to the carport and then into what I believe is my laundry room. As you can guess, it's incredibly easy to just dump things I don't have a place for out there. After all, no one goes in my laundry room but me and the kids...even DH doesn't go out there unless he HAS to. He's a bit claustrophobic and laundry room scares him...

The weather was warm and wonderful and since I had been so lazy the last couple of days, I decided to redeem myself and do at least one thing productive. Clean out my laundry room.

I opened the door and took a good look around. I found that I had made a path from the door to the washer and dryer, and a path to a book shelf that holds extra food that won't fit in the kitchen cabinets (since I shop every two weeks).
I began at the book shelf and decided to work my way around.

I took one of those big, dark lawn and garden trash bags and began throwing away trash. Things that had gotten broken because they were laying in the floor, for the most part.

I found a basket that still held birthday party decorations, paper plates, bowls and spoons and forks. This party was 3½ weeks ago!!! I put the contents of the basket away and then put the basket up on the shelf it belonged on.

I then uncovered a laundry basket that held Christmas decorations!!! I've had those out of the house since the end of December!! Going through that basket I found things that I didn't want anymore, so I put them in a box to give to the thrift store and then I put the rest in a box to go up in the attic.

I found a 20 pound bag of bird food that needed emptied into the bucket I keep bird food in.

I found Christmas ornaments that I bought on sale to use as gifts for next Christmas. Then I looked at the shelf I normally store those type things on and saw that it was full of books and videos that needed brought back in the house. (I usually take stuff down to display my Christmas deco's..)

After taking the books and videos in the house, I put the ornaments away, along with the gifts I'd already bought for next Christmas.

I found more things that needed to go in the attic or given to the thrift store.
By this time I was about halfway through cleaning.

I came on around to the trash can, which by the way was climbing the wall....literally. I emptied it and made my way to the washer and dryer and the shelf over it which holds my laundry soap, bleach, fabric softener and such as that.

I wiped everything down..does your laundry room collect fuzz buddies like mine does??....and reorganized that shelf.

On around to the deep freezer and the shelf over it...maybe I should mention that DH put in floor to ceiling shelves to help keep me organized??...maybe not.....

On that shelf I moved things and put them where they should have went in the first place, wiped down the deep freezer and finally swept the floor...and it only took me 2 hours!!!!!!

I am so proud of that room now!! I actually put a load of laundry into wash last night and didn't feel like something was about to reach out and suck me in!!!

Now...on to the dresser drawers....!!! I think I have a least I moved one in here almost 4 years ago.....


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Shopping Trip Results

I just wanted to share how I did on my shopping this week.

We weren't out of everything, but we were almost out of meats. So, of course, a good portion of that spending was on meats.

I started with $240.

My first stop, as usual, was at our Bent-n-dent. This actually wasn't a good week there to rack up on some bargains. I picked up 10 more cans of tomatoes at 39¢ a can, peanut butter at $1.39, milk at $2.98 a gallon (I bought 3 gallons) and a few other odds and ends. I spent $27.94 and saved $4.80.

I spent $1.59 at Dollar General for some liquid potpourri (remember that's my weakness......), $18.36 at the Dollar Tree. I bought mainly cleaners, anniversary cards (I still send cards snail mail and noticed I was out of anniversary cards..), toiletries, a few items for an upcoming baby shower and chocolate frosting.

From there I went to Winn Dixie where I spent $10.80 on pop. Yes, we drink pop. Yes, we like pop. Yes, we could save money if we didn't buy pop, but I haven't made it to that place yet. I did buy our pop on sale and saved $4.45 though!! :o)

A trip to Wal Mart for those things we just can't live without...really... I picked up some of the much needed meats as well and spent $94.45. I didn't use many coupons this week (remember, if you don't need what you have a coupon for, then you're not really saving) so I only saved $1.25 with coupons. I priced matched leg quarters, saving $2 a bag (I bought 3 bags). Fresh tomatoes were on sale, 50¢ saved there. Total savings at Wal Mart, $7.75.

A trip to Sav A Lot where I spent $48.03 and finally a quick stop at Food World for potatoes. They were on sale for $1.49 a 5# bag. I bought 2 bags and a few other items on sale. Spent $7.52, saved $7.00.

Total spending: $208.69!! Total saving: $24.00!!

I was so thrilled at not having spent the whole $240. That means if meats are on sale this week I can purchase them. If not, I can apply that to the next grocery shopping day or put it in savings!

I seem to be doing better at staying under budget, but I'd love to see my 2 week spending be under $200. Once I achieve that, I'd like to try to get to $175. Of course, that's going to take a lot of planning and no lying back down in the mornings (see earlier post) so that I can cook more from scratch and redeem the time God has given me in a way that will please Him.

How about you? Do you have a grocery budget? How are you doing on your spending? I'd love to hear what you do to make those hard earned dollars go farther.


Free Diet Dr. Pepper

Click here for a coupon for a free 20oz or a free 2 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. DD loves Diet Dr. Pepper so I know she'll be excited to enjoy it for free!!!

Thanks Crystal!!


Messed Up Priorites

The last two mornings have played havoc on my schedule.

Now before I share what's been going on, promise me you won't roll your eyes or snicker and giggle or just outright have a good belly laugh at how pitiful I promised.

I get up around 6:10 in the morning. Head out to the kitchen and turn on a light, on to the thermostat and turn it up a couple of degrees. To the living room where I turn on another light and turn on the news--DH rides a motorcycle and he likes to hear the weather before he heads to work. About 6:20, I go in and wake up DH. I fix his coffee while he gets ready for work. He sits for a minute listening to the weather and drinking his coffee, then puts on his jacket (and riding gear if he's taking the bike) and heads off to work. This is in the neighborhood of 6:45.


Normally I stay up and have my quiet time and then check out some blogs that I read and do a post of my own. But there are days when I just can't seem to function and I go back to bed!! Yes, I go back to bed at 7a.m. and go to sleep!! Kind of pathetic ain't it?? Going back to bed at 7 a.m....

I've done that the last two mornings and it has shown! What's the first thing that got left out?? You betcha! My time with God. Next thing that gets left out? My blogging. Then everything I need to get done has been shoved back at least 2 hours and before I know it, it's 2 o'clock and I don't even know what I want to fix for supper!!

And to be honest, I don't like it when my day goes like that. I feel like I have wasted so much.

Here's what I've noticed happens:

Being frugal goes out the window. Yes, I do buy convenience foods to have handy when an unexpected something comes up and I can't make a meal from scratch. Even at it's high price, it's cheaper than going out to eat. But on these days where I've literally lost half the day, instead of cooking from scratch, I'm taking that convenient stuff out of the freezer and making it for dinner.

Laundry and housework suffers. Living in the south, I can often hang my laundry on the line even in the winter. Usually I hang it out one day and bring it in the next. Not running that dryer saves a lot of money. When I lie back down, instead of hanging out that laundry, I'm chunking it in the dryer so I can get caught up. It takes a lot less time to chunk in the dryer than to hang up a load of towels and washcloths outside.

Our homeschooling suffers. I have a Junior and Senior this year and so my work has lifted somewhat. They are very independent learners, just coming to me when they come across something they don't understand. But.....they depend on Mom to wake them up (which I don't me it's one of the perks of our homeschooling). When I lay back down though, I don't wake them up as I should and they are behind!

And the worst consequence of all...I can tell that my day is more stressful simply because I've set Jesus up on a shelf. Put Him off because I have so much more earthly stuff to accomplish. You know, what if someone drops in? I can't let them see the dishes flowing out of the sink and the garbage traveling up the wall. I can't let them see the hamper overflowing onto the floor and the kitty litter trail. But I can make God wait. He'll understand. I mean, He knows I'm tired and I just need a little more sleep. He wants me to feel better and be more awake and less grouchy...but, thing is, I don't feel better. I'm more stressed and grouchy.

So that's why you haven't really heard from me the last few days. Dare I say it??? Laziness. No excuses. Just plain laziness.

Now, I can sit and wallow in this and wish I'd spent the last few days differently. Since I can't go back and change that, I have to let it go, pick myself up out of my little pity pit and march on. Make the most out of the time I have left before DH and DS get home from work. Get things accomplished...including my time with God.

Yes, I wrote this post before having my quiet time..priorities waaaay messed up today.....but no more wallowing. It's where satan would have me stay, and I'm just not going to give him that satisfaction....


Monday, January 26, 2009

Please Pray

My sweet friend, Beth, over at I AM HEADING TOWARDS MY DESTINY, shared a site from a sister blogger that needs checked out.

Brian, Angie and their two boys need our prayers and intercession in a mighty way. Go
here to read Angie's post. Scroll down to read the post, "The worst results ever", first. I encourage you to leave a comment and just let her know that you are praying for her and her family.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do You Thrift Store??

I just wanted to give a plug for checking out your local thrift stores.

Now..I know that everyone already knows this. I know that everyone already shops thrift stores and yard sales and everyone loves hand-me-downs!!...I'm serious here....

Let me give you an example of savings just by looking at the thrift store first...

Earlier this week, DS started a new job at Zaxby's. They provided him with a Zaxby's shirt and hat. He had the shoes, he had the socks, he had the pants...or so we thought. Turns out that every restaurant in our area uses black pants guessed it....Zaxby's.

The day he turns in his work permit, they told him to be back at 10:15 ready to go to work. It's a little after 9 at this point and so driving home only to turn around and come back was a total waste of gas. I decided to take DS out for some breakfast..kind of a celebration of sorts (and we were really hungry!!). As we were headed to eat, DS told me, "Mom, I've got to have khaki pants. Not black." What!!....So, nothing to do but head to Wal Mart for some new khaki pants.

Why not the thrift store?? Because there was no way to get them washed and dried and him back to work in less than an hour and my policy is to wash everything (sometimes even brand new) before wearing..

At Wal Mart we find khaki's at the wonderful price of $16.95. Hmph.....I'm not too happy, but what do you do?? So I spend the little over $17 and take DS to work.

Today finds DS and DD at work and DH at the church with the men just taking care of those things that need taken care of. I decide to do some Mom time which consisted of a trip to the bank, filling up the car with gas (at this point DS and I are sharing a car until he can save up his half for one...very frustrating for this mom who likes to have her car available..but that's for another day....), a stop at Sonic cause I LOVE their $1 chicken sandwiches and a trip to the thrift store.

At the thrift store I pick up a couple of kids Bible storybooks to give away and then I head over to check out the bedspreads, curtains and finally men's pants.

Yes, I'm specifically looking for khaki pants for DS, because they are going to give him another Zaxby's shirt which thrills me because I don't like trying to make up a load of laundry every day. Seems like a waste of water and electricity to me....

I find at least 7 or 8 pair of pants, each for under $4!!! I settle on 2 pair (because I'm not sure how they'll fit) and each pair was only $1.98!!! For less than $5 I got 2 pair of pants. 2 pair of khaki's at Wal Mart....$33.90 before tax. 2 pair of khaki's at the thrift store...$3.96 before tax. A savings of....$29.94!!!!

A no brainer for this gal!!

So...check out that thrift store, or Salvation Army, or Goodwill, or whatever it's called in your area. You may have to try a few times to find what you need, but the hunt is fun and the savings is worth it!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Check Out a New Site!!

A blog I truly enjoy is Chelsey's over at Joyfully Living For His Glory. She is also launching a new site called At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2, which I would love for you to check out.

She is hosting a grand opening and giving away some really cool door prizes!
At the Well will be focusing on Titus 2, which as I've been sharing on this blog, is something God has really been dealing with me on...being a better, more submissive wife and help-meet to my husband.

From the comments I've been getting and the blogs I've been reading, this is also on the hearts of a lot of women out there as we seek to be the best that we can be for our husbands and our Heavenly Father.

So head on over and check out At the Well...and be on the look out....yours truly as been humbled to be selected as a guest writer!


How About a Little Respect!

Lesson 5 in the Loving Your Husband study I'm doing, deals with respecting your husband. I have to be honest here...I do respect DH, but not all of the time. If I'm honest (and I'm always honest with you) I always respect him if he does what I want, but when he makes a decision that I don't agree with or isn't what I wanted to do or hear, well..then..he doesn't get respect.

Ephesians 5:33 says, " So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband." NLT

Men give respect. To their friends, their co-workers...just about anyone they deal with. It's easy for them. It's a "man thing" (I'm puffing up my shoulders trying to look big here...)

Women love. We just love to nurture and comfort and coddle. It's easy for us to love.

It's harder for men to show love. Well...most men... (my guy has no problem in that area)..but as a general rule, it's harder for a man to show love. On the other hand, it's harder for a woman to give respect.

Come on ladies....I'll be honest with you many times have you thought to yourself, "Well..look at her! Doesn't she think she's something!" or "Who does she think she is??" I've done that more than I'd like to admit. We hold grudges and judge and, well, can be downright mean sometimes.

Men, for the most part, are wired to be tough, chin up, take charge, let's get this done and move on.

Women are wired to snuggle and nest and are you comfortable.

Men are black and white, women are all over the place.

Any time I am talking to DH about a problem I'm having he will say something to the effect of, "I can see how that would hurt (bother, upset....)you. Now, here's what you need to do....."

When DH is talking to me about a problem he's having it goes something like this, "My poor baby! Here! Let me fix you a cup of coffee. Go sit on the couch and read your paper. Do you need a blanket?" And behind that, whoever is causing his problem is getting one more lashing in my mind!!

I believe that's why in Ephesians men are told to love, women to respect. We need to be reminded of what we should do when it doesn't come naturally to us.

While studying this lesson I realized that every time I don't respect DH, he hears this, "What you do for us isn't good enough". Talk about stopping me in my tracks!!!! To think that I ever cause my husband to believe what he does for our family isn't good enough broke my heart!! How could I do that to him???

Well, let me tell you, that really got my attention! My DH is loving and caring, gentle and patient, but he is very much a man's man and demands (and deserves) my respect. I kept reading and realized that if I don't respect my man, our children will pick up on that and treat Dad the same way they see Mom treating him. Wow.....I've witnessed that......

The lesson stated that I am not my husband's personal Holy Spirit. My job is to fulfill what God called me to do as a Help-meet to my husband. "Sweep your own porch, girlfriend!!"

So, as with every lesson so far, I realize I've got a lot of work to do. How I pray that God will help me get on track and then allow me to do what Titus 2:3-5 says.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do You "Have" To or "Get" To??

DS was a sight to see when he got home from his first day "on the job" today. He wasn't tired, discouraged or frustrated. He was smiling, laughing, talking about all the new people he met, what he did while he was there and looking forward to the next shift he has to work..which is tomorrow.

I listened to him talk about all the "neat" equipment and how there was a certain way to bread the chicken and drop it in the oil (he's working at Zaxby's by the way....did I share what happened to his "job" at McDonald's??)...I listened to him talk about a guy he met who goes to a sister church. He was so excited to be working along side another Christian guy! He was so concerned about getting out into the work force and dealing with people who believed nothing like he does.

As he talked I found myself thinking if we could all have his attitude, how much better off we'd be.

He didn't care that he only worked 3½ hours. He was so thankful to just have a job.

He doesn't care that he's making minimum wage, he's just thankful to have a paycheck.

He doesn't care that his clothes were covered in flour and that his hands were covered in "chicken goo"..he's just thankful.

How many times have I found myself complaining about something that I need to be doing around the house instead of just being thankful that I can.

"Laundry again?? What is that...6 loads today??" My attitude should be..Laundry again?? How blessed I am to have a husband and children to wash laundry for. How blessed I am to have a washing machine in my laundry room instead of having to lug the wash to the laundromat. How blessed I am to have a dryer sitting beside it so I don't have to stand outside in 25º weather to hang it on the line. How blessed I am to be able to walk to the machine, get the laundry out and use my arms and hands to fold it up.

"Look at that sink full of dirty dishes! I just got the kitchen cleaned up and it's a mess again!" I should be saying, Thank You Father that I have a family to cook for and food to cook. Thank You for dishes to eat off of, and hot running water to clean them up when they get dirty. Thank you for the friends that drop by and the food that I can offer them while they're here.

"School books all over the house! Can't those kids put up anything??" Instead it should be..Thank You that I am blessed to homeschool my kids and be involved in everything in their lives. Thank You that my kids are still here with me to enjoy and watch and listen to and teach. Thank You for providing the monies needed to buy those books and supplies.

Thank You for the job my husband has that takes such good care of our family and through You supplies everything that I've mentioned in this post.

I heard an evangelist say one time that it's all in how we approach things. Do we say "I have to go to church" or "I get to go to church"? Do we say "I have to wash dishes" or "I get to wash dishes"? Do we say "I have to do laundry" or "I get to do laundry"?

Funny how changing one little word completely changes how we look at the whole picture.

So how about you?

Do you have to go do something, or do you get to??


You Are Awesome Blogging Buddies!!!!!

I was so blessed by the way you reached out and encouraged me from my post yesterday. I was discouraged and questioning if we were doing the right thing or if we were being unreasonable and narrow minded.

DH also read your comments was encouraged as well.

DS spent the day trying to make me laugh, which is way of apologizing and DD came home from work with purple tulips which she said she bought ..."because they're your favorite color and as a sort of peace offering". Then she also wrote a post on her blog (which she's only begun to dabble in) which is, I know, her apology.

Somewhere in my heart, I knew that DH and I were doing things the way we believed God was leading us to do them, but like I shared, things were said that made me wonder if we were totally off our nut!

God used my awesome blogging buddies to confirm, encourage and uplift my spirit. None of you will ever fully know what that meant to me yesterday and what that will mean to me for such a very long time to come.

I started blogging as a way to do what I love..write..and to share with, encourage and learn from others...but God in His wonderful greatness brought new friends and sisters..(and brothers!) Christ, into my life.

Humbled and blessed....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking for Advice

Okay, blogger buddies, I'm having a tough day. I need prayers from all, and some advice especially from those with teenagers.

Let me set things up:

Yesterday at church, our pianist was out because she was at a conference. Both of my kids play the piano..not fluently, but well. We've known for several weeks that she was going to be out yesterday and I tried to encourage both of my kids to get together a couple of pieces to fill in for her while she was out. They opted not to fill in.

We go to a very small church and so I just couldn't/can't understand why they wouldn't want to help meet a need and just do the best they could. DD has played for the church before, but she made one mistake and has beat herself up ever since, even though we (her parents) and all of the church assured her she had done a great job. The pastor even said, and I quote, "That was beautiful".
So last night I couldn't contain myself and I told them that I couldn't come up with one good reason why the piano wasn't played yesterday. Let me tell you, what I said lit a fire under my two kids that I shouldn't have started.

I'm not going to give you a play by play on what was said, but what we (myself and DH) learned is that we're not "normal" parents and we don't let them be "normal" teenagers.

Friends, I feel very beat down today and it's not my intention to send rain clouds your way, I'm truly looking for answers.

Let me begin by saying, We have awesome kids. We really do. They don't give us much trouble at all and the little they do can truly be chalked up to the teenage years. I know they're saved and love their Heavenly Father. But after our conversation last night, I find myself wondering if I'm living in a fantasy world and the facts are that my kids disagree with everything we've said and done.

We require that our kids call when they arrive at their destination and when they leave. Even if they are making several stops, we require the same thing. Why? We want to know they are safe. DD and DS tell us that "normal" parents are fine if the kids just check in on occasion. We don't trust them.

Our kids have a curfew of 10pm. Sunday-Thursday, Friday night depends on what the plans are and Saturday night is usually 10:30 or 11. Again, "normal" parents don't require their kids to be home so early. Again, we don't trust them.

We tell our kids lights out at 11pm Sunday-Thursday, no requirement on Friday or Saturday (just be WIDE awake for church!). "Normal" parents don't set a lights out for their teens. On Saturday we don't let them sleep past 10am. "Normal" parents let their teens sleep as late as they want on Saturday. We don't trust them to be able to get up when they want and get their schoolwork and chores done on their own. (problem with that one is, if I don't say anything..chores don't get done. I've tried the being silent on chores thing...)

"Normal" parents let their kids have freedom to dress and express themselves the way they choose...haircolor, piercings, tattoos, clothes...DD has had pink hair, red hair, black hair (natural color is light brown) and blond streaks mingled in with the natural. She also has 3 piercings in one ear and 2 in the other. DS's hair is dark blond and he's had yellow tips, blond tips. He's allowed to wear it far longer than I'd like, but I felt we'd reached a compromise and he has 1 piercing in his ear. He's worn chains on his pants, studs on his belts and skulls on his shirts. How much more "normal" do I go there??

The thing about playing the piano....neither feel "called" to play piano. Okay. My thinking is even if you aren't "called" can't you just do it now and then to meet a need??? What are the piano lessons for and how do you get the experience??

Again I want to say sorry for unloading like this, but I truly, truly desire the advice of those that have been there done that...and the prayers of all.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

It Really IS All About God

I haven't study any this week out of the book on loving your husband, so in the quiet of this morning I opened up to lesson 5.."Let the Wife....Respect Her Husband"

Okay. I'm good. I will breeze through this lesson. I respect my husband. He is such a patient, loving man. He is a great provider for our family. Incredibly talented. Loves our Savior. Respected in the church. I am blessed and I respect this man...right?

Let me share what I've learned in Part A of lesson 5.

"Let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband--that she notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, venerates and esteems him; and that she defers to him, praises him, and loves and admires him exceedingly." Ephesians 5:33 AMP

Do I notice him and what he does for our family? Yes.

Do I regard him? Had to get the exact meaning on regard: To think highly of. Yes I do..although I'm not sure he knows that all of the time.

Do I honor him? He probably doesn't think so all of the time...

Prefer him? Oh you betcha!!!

Venerate and esteem him? Got to look up venerate: To regard or treat with reverence. Ummm..not always.

Defers to him? Oh boy.....getting in deep here. I try, but between you and me....ummm not like I should.

Praises him? I do. Especially to others...but do I give praise to him? Not nearly like I should.

Love and admire him? Yes. I think he's incredible!! He never ceases to amaze me with the things he is able to do!!

Then I make my way over to 1 Peter 3: 1-4, which tells me that I am to be pure and reverent, not focused on outward beauty BUT having a quiet and gentle spirit...oh no......"which is so precious to the Lord".

Just when you think you're doing okay, what you're suppose to be doing, you are confronted with the Word of God and (thankfully) reality sets in.

I really do want to be the wife that God wants me to be. I want my marriage to be the best it can be and an awesome example to my kids of what they need in their marriage.

Let me say again, that I really do have a great relationship with my husband. He is my best friend and I enjoy spending time with him. But I want to have the relationship with him that GOD wants me to have, thus this study. order to be precious to the Lord...which I absolutely want, I am to have a quiet, gentle spirit. Folks, that's not me.

I am typically a shy person. If you meet me in the grocery store line, I'll talk you ear off. Why? Cause I'll probably never see you again, therefore I can be myself and not worry about you judging me. BUT, if I meet you in a group setting, I'm not going to say too much. After all, I'd rather just keep my mouth shut and let you believe I'm painfully shy then open it and prove myself a fool. (Even though I know I'm not a my mind, why take chances...)

At home though, it's a different story. I can be loud and mouthy, especially when it's only my family around or if I think that I have to get my point across because my idea is the best idea. In doing that, my motives are not pure nor is my spirit quiet or gentle..which means I'm not so precious to the Lord because He is disappointed that I've ignored His Word....What I'm learning in this study is, that it goes so much deeper than pleasing my boils down to pleasing my God. I guess in our carnal mind, in our worldly world, we have been trained to accept the fact that at times we are going to fail somebody, we are not going to please everybody all of the time so why try. But when you look up and realize that everything we do is a reflection of our Father and what He desires in our puts things in a whole new perspective.

I hope you're not struggling with the things I do, I hope you're stronger and more stable than I am. I do hope though that, like me, you're taking a look at your relationship with your husband from a different angle and hopefully together we will create rock-solid, God based marriages that will be blessed and examples to all around us.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Let Me Ramble

Isn't it amazing how quickly we get busy? How quickly time just gets away from us and before we know it, days...weeks...have gone by and we haven't gotten anything done like we'd planned!!

I have so many post ideas that I want to write and it just seems as if I can't get the time to write and when I have the time, all my ideas leave my brain! Could be my age...maybe....

I didn't spend much time on this computer yesterday simply because it was DD's 18th birthday. Even though she had to work, I had many things to do to be ready to celebrate when she got home.

I can't believe she's 18!!....It has passed by so quickly and I've been a stay at home mom since she was 1. She is so beautiful and so full of life and dreams. She loves her Jesus so much..which is the biggest blessing to me. Oh..I know she messes up...she's every bit a teenage girl!...but she is truly an awesome person and I'm so glad that God has allowed me the blessing of being her mom.

DH had a long, rough day at work yesterday and so I just wanted to bless his evening. He's over maintenance at our local hospital and just as he was getting ready to come home, he got a call about a major problem with some unit on the roof. I'm not sure about all the details, because a mechanical mind is NOT one of my all..but anyway, he spent the next 3 hours on the roof with a technician, in 20º weather with a wind chill which made it feel like 9º. He was utterly exhausted when he got home and upset that we'd had to wait the birthday celebration on him. He's such a great Dad!!!

Today I get to spend the afternoon with my best girlfriend in the whole wide world. She is just a super awesome person and I love her with all my heart. She's trying to get her toes wet in the blogging world, so if you have some time, go over to Living in the Dash and say hi to my buddy Rhonda, I know she would love to hear from you!

To catch you up on some of my lifestyle changes:

I'm really working on my relationship with my Savior. I am being committed to having my quiet time as soon as DH leaves for work. Oh..satan has really been on me, especially this week as it's been so cold and kind of dark in the mornings when DH leaves for work. I look at that comfy unmade bed and everything in me wants to rip those covers back and jump in the middle, cover up my head and snooze for a couple more hours...but I haven't. I gather up my Bible and notebook and sit at my dining room table and spend time with my Father. And it's showed. This has been a very trying week on so many levels and He has been so faithful to me. For sure, I wouldn't have been able to hold my tongue a few times this week had it not been for Him.

My spending...or lack good. I've been tempted, boy have I, but again, God has been faithful. My biggest unplanned purchase this week was this: I had to go to Wal Mart and get some bread and I went through the clearance toy aisle (remember...check those out for Christmas presents!!). I bought 2 Christmas gifts, one for a niece, the other for a nephew. I spent $7 on the gifts together and saved $23. DH was pleased at the savings.

The submissive wife thing was tested this week. DH needs a cell phone since DS turned 16 and started driving. (DH just gave DS his phone) DH doesn't want another contract though and in order to turn on our 4th line, we have to commit to another 2 year contract, even though we don't need the phone, just the line and SIM card. I really wanted to turn that line on, but DH said no and so I...dropped it. At least verbally I did..I'm still working on the mind submission..a lot...

My house is a little better, but my laundry room is a disaster!!! Guess where all of that stuff is going that I don't know quite what to do with yet??? But seeing as my laundry room is off my carport which means I have to go outside to get to it..and..considering it's been between 9º and 30º with the wind chill, I'm not too concerned with getting it together in there just yet!

Yes, this has been another rambling post and it's good to learn from each other, but it's also good to just share our lives.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Suave!!!

Today ONLY click here to get a coupon for a free bottle of Suave! You have to register and in 2-4 weeks you should get your coupon.

Free is always best!!!


My Shopping Trip Update.....finally....

My shopping trip went well Friday, although I'm sure as I write this and review, it could have went better. This is good for keeping me accountable and hopefully reaching my own goals of being a better shopper and saver.

I had $250 for two weeks. When I shop, I shop for everything. Birthday presents, household items, cleaners, paper products, groceries, my list is quite lengthy. I also shop every two weeks, only buying bread or meat sales in between.

As always, my first stop was the Trade Market (Bent-n-Dent). I bought 3 gallons of milk, saving $1.71 on those 3 gallons. I stocked back up on cans of diced tomatoes at 39¢ a can. I bought 10 cans and saved $2.60. Several other items gave me a savings of $2.45 for a total savings of $6.76. Even if I only save a few cents, I will go ahead and buy what I need there. There is truth in, 'A penny saved is a penny earned.' I spent $24.12

I made my way to the Dollar Tree where I purchased our body wash, shave cream, glass cleaner and some black socks for DS's new job (?)--(see earlier post) among other things spending $7.56

From there, Wal Mart. This is usually where I spend the bulk of our monies. I had quite a list which also included out of the ordinaries like: 2, $5 gift cards, socks for me and undies for DH. I also had to download my pics on a cd and I printed off a few as well. DD needed contact solution and she has to use a certain brand which isn't the cheapest! These items alone came to $28.90 before tax. Then I made other needed items that are of a normal sort. I'm not going to bore you with my entire shopping list, but it was quite lengthy. My subtotal before coupons was $128.92. I had coupons for many of the items and the total on the coupons was $12.47. My complete total after taxes was $115.16.

On to Dollar General where I spent $6.48 on trash bags, fabric softener and the store brand of Lysol.

My next stop was Save A Lot. I needed cans of veggies and cream soups. I also bought 4 pounds of ground turkey. A few other items gave me a grand total of $33.82.

My last stop was a local grocery store. I threw my receipt away, so I can't remember every item I bought. I do remember I bought some ice cream, green beans and some other items spending $18.28.

We went out on Saturday and I picked up some things on sale at Target and spent $9.35. I had $1 in coupons.

Add in the 52¢ I spent at CVS. Here, I saved in coupons and ECB's.

My spending total so far was $215.29.

My savings total was $27.73.

I still have a little more than $34 for the bread or the meat sales that may happen over the next 2 weeks.

I'm pleased with how this turned out, but I believe I can make better use of my coupons.

We'll continue this journey and I hope you'll share how your shopping and saving is coming along.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CVS, Part 3 and My Last CVS Trip

For part 3 of learning how to shop at CVS, head on over to Centsible Savings.

I truly hope you have found this to be helpful and I'd love to hear if you gave it a try and how well you did.

To be honest, I had whittled my bucks down to only $3 and I didn't earn any this week with my purchases, so in some eyes, I may have failed, but like I shared before, I'm not going to buy something, simply to earn an ECB. I've got to need it in order for it to be profitable to me.

My CVS experience last week was as follows:

1, 6.5 oz Aquafresh toothpaste, $2.50
1, Palmolive 10 oz dish soap, 97¢
1, Waterproof Mascara, $2.99
2, Rolls CVS paper towels, 99¢ & 49¢

I used a $2 coupon on the toothpaste, 50¢ coupon on the dish soap. These were manufacturer coupons.
I used a $2 CVS coupon on the mascara and the paper towels were buy one get one half off.
I had $3 in ECB's.

Grand total, plus tax: 52¢!!

No, except for the paper towels, I didn't need these things at the moment of purchase.

Yes, they will most definitely get used and they will not spoil.

Too good of a deal to turn away.

Later today I will try to get the post out on the rest of my shopping trip.

Together we can help each other become more aware of what we're spending and how to get the most with that money.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Not the Best of Days.....

It's been an incredibly trying day around here.

I promise to get back on track with my posts tomorrow, but after so many emotions in high gear today, well....

My DS got a job last week....or at least we think he did. He got hired. Knows how much per hour he'll be making. Was told to buy black pants and certain shoes. Was told he'd be working Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Was told to call this morning and get his schedule. So he did.

This is what he was told when he called: "Well, I can't work you in this week, call back next Monday and we'll see what we can do."


Talk about those Mama Bear Claws coming out.....

Here my baby was so excited to start his first job and then "we can't work you this week"????

Somebody explain that to me.

Fact is, don't mess with my babies. Period. I know you understand where I'm coming from.

Then I get a phone call. It's DH letting me know that he had ran into some people that we went to church with at a previous church. They asked had we heard about the son of a family we knew....and we know them well.

Our daughter dated this boy for a year and broke up with him when she just couldn't fight the Holy Spirit anymore. It was a hard year for her and she poured her all into this relationship, but she ended up emotionally exhausted and after much prayer, ended the relationship. It was the very best thing for both of them.

Anyway, we found out this morning that he was killed in was I going to tell her this.

She was at work and so I met her there when she got off and told her. There were tears and a huge mix of emotions and I drove her home.

She seems okay..going on with normal things, which is very much her way of dealing with grief..shock..hurt.

I also know from earlier phone calls that DH has had a very stressful day at work and so he's going to need (and deserve) a double portion.

I ask that you really lift this family up in prayer. I cannot even begin to imagine their pain.

So's been one more day. Add to that my total disasters all over my house (which drives me nuts) and I'm ready for some real down time even though I should stay busy just to stay afloat.....


Friday, January 9, 2009

A Submissive Wife and a Busy Day

I've got a busy day ahead of me today.

Today is the first real shopping day of the new year for me. DH and I decided that instead of trying to do the finances our own way separately, we would start the new year working on them together. We admitted that in our marriage, finances were the only spot that we were on separate pages and frankly it wasn't working for us. I spent too much and he doesn't want to spend anything.

Now...I know I have all of these posts on saving money, so you're asking how do I spend too much?? Well, like I've confessed before, I have a very hard time passing up a bargain and believe me...there are truly a lot of bargains to be found!! But when a bargain causes you to overspend, it's no longer a bargain.
DH thinks that you can still buy a gallon of milk for $1.25,a loaf of bread for 50¢ and feed 4 adults and the occasional friends on $30 a week...he needed a wake up call as well.

I was concerned at first that when we got ready to sit down together, major problems might surface. I mean, it's not like I have a smart aleck attitude or anything.......But we pray before we begin and as always, God has been faithful. He just takes that big, mighty hand of His and wraps it around my big, mighty mouth! DH and I have actually done a very good job talking about things and staying on the same page.

With that being said, I want to share a couple of other things before I head out for my day:

Centsible Savings has posted part 2 on CVS shopping. Head over and check it out. I don't have a big CVS run today, but I'll share my small trip with you later.

I also wanted to get my post out on yesterday's "wife" lesson.

Lesson 4's title is "She Brings Him Good Not Harm". We can see by the title that I'm already in trouble here..

2 statements on the first page: "Each partner must be willing to minister to the needs of the other regardless of the response" and "...our highest purpose as husbands or wives is to be an instrument for promoting our partners' spiritual and personal welfare." (Lawrence J. Crabb, Jr.)

Like I've said, I think I do pretty good in the submissive wife category, but do I willingly minister to DH regardless of how he will respond? Uhh...not always. I mean, he's suppose to appreciate everything I do. He's suppose to praise me and tell everyone what a blessed man he is to have me in his life. Right?? Well, in all honesty he does these things, but there are times when I do things I think will cause him to rejoice from the rooftop and he never says a word. My feelings get hurt and I run to my corner and pout. Then I decide that if that's the way he's gonna be, we'll see how long it is before I put myself out there again.

But...that's not what I'm suppose to do and it's certainly not how a wife should treat her husband.

A little more studying brought Genesis 3:16 to know, the more I study this, the more I realize just why the Bible is called the Living Word....I've read this stuff countless times and I'm noticing things I've never "seen" before...
This verse says, "....And though your desire will be for your husband, he will be your master." (NLT) What!!?? Another translation reads it like this, "....Yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you." (NASB)
Again....What??!!! Plain and simple...he's in charge. Sad thing is, now he has to fight for it.

In Eden, sin corrupted the submissive wife and the loving husband and has been replaced with a struggle for power. This is very evident in today's society. Every where you look, women are demanding to be treated as equal to a man and quite plainly..that's not Bible. That's not how God set this up. It is the very reason so many marriages are in trouble and divorce is rampant. We....I...want to do things my way, not God's and that goes against God in every way.

We also need to realize that, as wives, we influence our husbands. That was made obvious when Eve influenced Adam to eat the fruit. Not only do we influence our husbands, we influence our children. They see how we treat their dad, and they mimic that. If we treat Dad with love and respect, so will our children. If we are hateful and have a bad attitude toward him, so will they.
That is a lot to think about and it's very important to keep that at the front of our minds at all times. I go again. Thinking I'm doing pretty good and realizing there is much work to be done.

I have an amazing husband. He is definitely the man God chose for me, even when I didn't acknowledge God at all. I am so thankful to be so blessed and he's the very reason I decided to get serious about who I am in Christ and who I am as a wife and mom. I want to do him good, not harm, all the days of my life. (Referring to Proverbs 31:12)


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bath & Body Coupon

I love Bath & Body Works! I love to just stand in the store and smell it!

Here's a coupon for a free 2oz bottle of lotion with any purchase. Considering they are running their semi-annual sale, you can get something...even trial size...and this lotion for only a couple of bucks. Coupon expires January 14!


2 Praises and CVS

I want to share a couple of things in this post and then I'll be back later to write a post about this submissive wife thing I'm about getting a swift kick in the pants this morning......

We have two praises to share!

First, DD's....exam...went well. Doc was great, she survived and the minor problem she was having was determined to be easily fixed.

Second, DS got a job! In today's economy, with so many losing their jobs, this is a blessing! a faaarrrr earlier post (that I can't find at this point), I mentioned shopping at CVS. If you match their sales with coupons, you really can get stuff free or for pennies. It does take some patience and in my humble opinion, some good sense. I honestly refuse to buy something that I absolutely don't use just to get ECB's back. I feel that's wasting and according to some hard core CVS'ers I'm off my nut, but that's okay.

I would try to explain CVSing to you, but I would only confuse you to the point that you would know I'm off my nut so...go on over to Centsible Savings . She is running a 3 part series on how to make CVS work for you. I read part one this morning and she explains very clearly how to get started.

Walgreens does something similar with Register Rewards or RR's as they are better known, but I've found that I don't do as well at Walgreens as I do at CVS.

I'll be back later, but must go wake everyone up to get our school day started!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This is going to be a different kind of day for the youngest female in our home.

I've been sharing with you that in just 1 short week, my DD will be turning 18. She has been so blessed with overall good health all of her life. Except for the Syncope, she is fine and even with that, the cardiologist has released her from routine visits. So, God has truly blessed.

But today, the 7th day of January in the year 2009, DD gets to experience her first........exam.

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. THE exam.

Yes. DD is visiting my gynecologist today and she's not too thrilled.

Do you remember your first....exam?

I do. Embarrassed didn't begin to scratch the surface. Nervous wasn't even close. I dreaded that more than anything I've ever dreaded in my entire life.

Having to stand on a scale and come to grips with the reality that you're not as tiny as you try to tell yourself you are. Peeing in that tiny cup and really needing to pee until they hand you that cup. Walking to the exam room and staring at this beautiful, blue, paper gown that won't cover you up no matter how hard you tug on it and then tugging on it so hard you tear it! Covering up with that paper sheet and freezing to death because for some reason, paper doesn't keep you that warm! Doc coming in and asking you to breathe, relax (?!!) and did you have a good Christmas..vacation...

Then the horrible, "Put your feet in these stirrups. Slide down. A little more. A little more. Okay. A little pinch..."

5 years of fertility treatments, 2 kids and a couple of surgeries later, it's still my least favorite thing to do.

I am blessed, though, to have an incredibly gentle, professional, Christian gynecologist. I have been his patient since I was 19 years old. He walked with me through the early years of marriage, infertility and 5 years of fertility treatments. He delivered my youngest and would have delivered DD, had she waited until he got back from vacation to make her grand appearance. He's been with me through some questionable test results and probably the greatest of all, he prayed for me and encouraged me when we thought that Zack might die upon birth. (If I haven't shared that let me know. I'll be GLAD to share how awesome God is!!).

DD knows all of this, but like all of us were, she is so nervous.

I've always tried to prepare my kids for the unknown and I've done so with this. But I don't think anything can prepare you for this experience. It's one of those things like childbirth. I can tell you everything I experienced and I can try to prepare you, but until you give birth yourself, you'll never understand it.

She was talking about this doctor visit last night when she got home from work and her dad was listening. He decided that he would share his stories about his...exam...when he went into the Navy. I smiled inwardly because, poor thing, he doesn't have a clue. He shared how the doctor examined him and I made that mental "MM hmm" to myself. Guess he still doesn't understand what a thorough exam for a female is.... :o)

So....anyway, I know this has been a bit of a rambling post, but I want my blog to be more than just tidbits and such. I want to share our life. Just those day to day happenings that make us who we are.

If you don't mind, as you go about your day, pray for Beth this afternoon. I'm sure she'll appreciate it!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Does "Convenient" Cost More?

I was reading an article today that I found quite interesting. It was one of those articles that reminded you of what you already knew, but didn't practice, but complained about because things are the way they are because you don't do what you already know you should do! Following me so far???

This article was talking about convenience foods and the fact that they are not frugal or thrifty at all. They gave the example of the fact that this family was coming up on a very busy two weeks and so they went to the store and bought bottled water and string cheese to be used only when they were in travel mode and had to have something in a hurry. Turned out that in that first week, everyone was in a hurry and so just grab a bottle of water and some cheese and head out the door. And guess what?? There wasn't anything left for the next week!!

I had to smile. I couldn't believe someone had taken the time and effort to follow my family around and then write an article on us!

No...really. This happens on a very regular basis in our house. I'll buy bottled water, or cans of pop. I'll buy snack cakes or some type of on the go bar and make the grand announcement, "These are for on the go only!! When you're here at home, eat or drink something else." Then at different times during the week, I'm quite certain I must be losing my mind because I see people eating and drinking the very things I'm pretty sure I told them not to. I'm sure I'm losing it because I will ask these people, "Don't you remember me telling you these were for on the go only?", and they'll look at me completely serious and say, "No. You didn't say that." (Pulling my hair here....)

We have 4,681,292 sports bottles in our house. Well...maybe not that's more like 8 or 9 but when they are whacking me in the head as I open the cabinet door, it sure feels like more....

Why in the name of all that is cheap, can't we....can't I....grab that sports bottle, head over to the fridge fill it with ice and water, screw on the lid and head out the door? Does it really take that long to do that?? See, I'm as guilty of ignoring me as my family is.

How hard is it to get a plastic bowl with a lid and put some pretzels in it? Or even....some cookies!!! Got my water, got my cookies and I'm out the door. Didn't cost those jokingly "convenient" prices and if I get hungry or thirsty, I'm armed and dangerous for a fraction of the cost.

I don't know about you, but again, for me, it boils down to laziness. I mean after all, it takes about 2 minutes longer to fill up that sports bottle and bowl than it does to grab a "convenient" water bottle and on the go bar. Hey! If I'm that pressed for time, then there is a lot more action I need to take in different areas of my life before I ever get to the frugal part.

We'll take tomorrow for instance. DD has a doctor appointment at 1. I know this. I also know that in the neighborhood of 11:30 I'll be grading those last few papers and getting ready to go. I'll be too busy to worry about that sports bottle. So, why not, before things get crazy, get my bottle, fill it with ice and water and set it in the fridge?? That ice isn't going to melt quickly sitting in the fridge and even if it's water...

So now, when we're running out the door I can just open that fridge, grab my water and never miss a beat.

How our grandmothers and great grandmothers managed without all of this convenience is beyond me.

We've got to quit kidding ourself if we're going to get serious about living a more frugal life and getting rid of the debt that is keeping us in bondage.

So let's pass on the bottled water and pre-packaged snacks. Anyone need a sports bottle??


Lifestyle Change #1

In looking over my list of lifestyle changes, I wanted to prioritize them. To me, making God first was the most important...and I still believe that....I just don't believe that's where God wants me to start with my posts. I really believe that He wants me to start with being a more submissive wife.

Now, I am amazed at how many women, and even more amazed at how many Christian women have a problem with this.

Have we allowed ourselves to become so prideful that we refuse to live and be the person God created us to be??

In Genesis 2:18, God spoke and said that He was going to make a helper, a companion, a helpmeet...for Adam. We have to first look at what it means to be a helper. I'm not even going to get up and go after my dictionary, because it's a very simple word. A helper goes along beside someone, aiding them, making their load lighter. We...women...were created by Almighty God to be..this very thing for our husbands! No wonder when we try to put ourselves in a different role, so many problems are created!

A couple of weeks ago as I was thinking about this particular lifestyle change, God brought to my mind a book that I bought almost 7 years ago when we still lived in Colorado. The title of this book is Loving Your Husband by Cynthia Heald. I originally bought it to do a Bible study with some other women, but God changed our course and so I just stuck it on my shelf.

Over these last 7 years, I've picked it up periodically and thought, "Hey, I ought to sit down and do this study." But quite honestly, laziness or that "Nah, I'm okay" mentality would kick I'd move on.

First let me say that I think I do a pretty good job at the submissive wife role. BUT...there are many times that DH will make a decision and I can be found in a dark corner doing the angry dance...or out in my laundry room mumbling under my breath things that would shock everyone who knows me. There are times I can be found pouting or having the attitude of "Okay big boy....we're going to do it your way....(low growl here.....)". As submissive as I am, I don't think that's the attitude God had in mind when He created me.

A lifestyle change is in order and it can't come through laziness or just ignoring the fact that there's a problem in the first place.

So I made a decision to begin this study. The first 2 lessons were pretty much introductory talking about making sure that Jesus is my foundation and that I fully rely on and trust in Him to give me everything I need to fulfill this role He's put me in.

Then this morning I began lesson 3..."I Will Make Him a Helper." far so good. I help Philip. Really I do. Most of the time. When I'm feeling up to it. He's an understanding if I slack up a bit, he'll understand....right??....

In the many times I've read Genesis, it never dawned on me until this morning that God first gave Adam the command to NOT eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They then posed the question..why? Hmm..well, since I'd never noticed it, I'd never thought about it till this morning. I sat at the dining room table, chewing on the end of my pen, thinking about that. I decided that it's because man was created to be in charge. To lead and guide. He would be responsible for making sure that rules were followed. And maybe..just maybe..because we women can be easily persuaded. We trust easily. Can be gullible. Men just aren't that way. At least my man isn't and I'm willing to bet, neither are yours.

They then asked what did "become one flesh" mean to me? To me it means to be totally in tune with, sold out to, on the same page with, coming together in like-mindedness (???), sharing everything with no other human. Feeling incomplete when the other isn't by your side. If I'm right, doesn't that mean DH! So, when I disagree with him, I'm disagreeing (As if thinking about that won't make me crazier than I already am.....!)

I then went on to read Titus 2: 3-5. Like Genesis, I've read this passage many times and refer to it often, especially in training my daughter and speaking with other teenagers and young women. But I never noticed the end of verse 5 until today. It's saying if I do everything in the previous sentences that I "...will not bring shame n the Word of God."

Whoa!!! What??? Where did that come from?? If I fail to train younger women... if I fail to love my husband and children...if I fail to live wisely and pure...if I fail to take care of my home, do good and be submissive to my husband then I bring shame on the Word of God!!!! Okay, so..not only am I failing my husband and my children, now I'm bringing shame to God and His Word. Yes..this goes much deeper than pride and getting my way...

So...this road for me may be a bit tougher than I first thought, but with the revelation of bringing shame to God..I have a much deeper drive to make this lifestyle change.

I hope you will continue with me on this journey and maybe you can glean a bit from it too.

I want to leave you with one last question that was posed in this lesson. I'd never thought about it and quite honestly I still don't have an answer. I'd love to hear what you think.

Here goes.. "Why do you think God waited to create Eve?"


Monday, January 5, 2009

Smiling Through My Tears

Our whirlwind month is about to come to a close.

What began on the 16th of December with our 25th anniversary, moved to the 21st with DS's 16th birthday, went to the 25th with Christmas, the 29th with my dad's birthday, the kid's combined birthday parties this past Saturday..will wind up with DD's 18th birthday dinner here at home on the 15th.


To say I'm give out would be an understatement!! I'm exhausted!!!

As I posted earlier, we had the kids birthday party on Saturday. They decided that since they were having "big" birthdays, it would be fun to have a party..something they hadn't wanted in years. So...that's what we did.

They invited 16 of their friends, 13 of which showed up, and since this was a "big deal birthday" party, extended family was invited too. We could have had over 40 people there if everyone showed up! (We had around25)

We decided to rent the community center for the afternoon because..well..I preferred keeping my house on it's foundation!!

We got to the center around noon and began decorating. By 1 the teens started filing in. By 2 we were in full party mode dancing with me and my sister trying to learn the Cha Cha Slide. Wish I had pictures of that...(no, I really don't. That could be used as blackmail for sure!!) They played some games one of which was Duck, Duck, Goose! It never ceases to amaze me how teens want to be treated like adults until they get with their friends!!

I had made a couple of pots of chili and we had plenty of snacks and goodies and drinks and after games and dancing their appetites were unleashed. Have you ever watched 13 teens eat??? It's absolutely astonishing!!

After the eating they just kind of hung out and caught up with each other and it was time for gifts. That done, they had a little more fun just hanging out and laughing and enjoying each other's company.

There is a definite blessing in watching your two teenagers having fun with 13 other Christian teenagers. After the party DH and I were talking and every teen there knew Jesus Christ as their Savior!! That was such a blessing! So often, unsaved teens think that if you become a Christian all of your "fun" ends. This group proved just the opposite is true. How I would love to see that message get out to all the teens in our area.

Our party began winding down around 5, but this was not to be the end of these 15 teens party night. No sir. It just also happened to be another boy's 18th birthday and he was having his party immediately after our kids!! So all 15 teens loaded up and headed to Joey's house to celebrate with him!! This went on until 10!!

DH and I stayed behind to clean up the center. We locked up, returned the key and headed home.

After unloading the car, DH got some cake and ice cream, I made a bologna sandwich...(yes...I like bologna..) and we sat on the couch, enjoyed our food and a little quiet conversation.

We turned the tv on although I'm not sure why because the next thing we knew, two hours had passed and I woke myself up....snoring!!! Thing is..I don't snore!! Honestly!! DH handles that..

I have to say that I'm glad to be wrapping this party season up, but it's incredibly bittersweet for me. My oldest is turning 18 very soon and I see a world that I've enjoyed very much, changing yet again. I'm sure though, that God will prepare me for that change as He's been faithful to do in the past, but as a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom of 17 + years...I'll be smiling through my tears...


Friday, January 2, 2009

She Can't Possibly Still Be Talking About Christmas!!

I promise...someday I will get on a subject other than Christmas...I really will...well, I'll do the best I can anyway.

See, I have been "there" so many times. "There" being stressed, over-budget, clueless. I don't like being "there" and I don't want you to be "there" either. DH and I made a quick trip into town for last minute items needed for a birthday party tomorrow. Remember DS turned 16 about 2 weeks ago? Well, DD will turn 18 in 2 weeks and they decided that for the first time in years, they wanted a birthday party...and..for the first time ever..they want to have it together!! This is great!! I think....It's a combined birthday party complete with folks from many generations. Teen friends to grandparents. I'll let you know how it goes!

Anyway..I promise I'm getting to the point of this post...while DH and I were in Wal Mart, we were busy checking out the clearance isles. I got bows, 40 in a pack for 25¢. Loved it! BUT the best deal was.....I can't tell you. Well, I can't tell you exactly what I bought..BUT..I can tell you that I bought couples gifts for our brothers and sisters..5 gifts in all..and spent.......$ included!!!! I fairly shouted in the middle of the store!

Please, please, please, now is a great time to check out clearance items and you may need to do it soon. I noticed today while we were in the Dollar Tree, that they still had items at 50% off, but were taking inventory of them and boxing them up for next Christmas.

It really does pay to look in those clearance aisles.

Got to go bake a cake!!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lifestyle Changes for the New Year

Happy New Year!!!

I meant to have a post ready to go this morning, but somehow, yesterday got completely away from me!

First I took DS out and about looking for a job, which by the way isn't going to well right now. Pray for him that he wouldn't get discouraged and that he would trust God to provide him the right job at the right time.

By the time we got him a haircut and got home, it was time to cook supper, catch up on DH's day and head off to church. Before I knew it, the day was gone...

Which leads me to my post...

I've looked at several blogs over the last couple of days, and what I see is that almost everyone is tired of resolutions. They don't work. At least they never have for me.

Sure I may lose a few pounds, but it doesn't take long to fall back into old habits and before I know it, I'm back where I began or worse off.

So, beginning this new year finds me in a different place.

I've spent a lot of time of late just seeking God and His will for my life. Anyone who knows me, knows this is huge step. See, I love to be in control. I want to do my will for my life. I mean, come on, my plans are perfect..all God needs to do is get on board..right??


I've had it wrong for quite some time now.

I need a lifestyle change. In a lot of areas.

Do I need to loose 45 more pounds? Yes. Will a diet do it? Probably not. I know my record. I need a lifestyle change.

Do I need to be a more submissive wife? Yes. While I think this is an area I do very well in, God has shown me things of late that I see I need to improve or completely do a 180º about-face in. I need a lifestyle change.

Do I need to be more frugal? Yes. This past year has found me doing much better, but I can do even better still. My husband works hard to take of this family, I need to work just as hard making sure that his efforts aren't wasted. I need a lifestyle change.

Do I need to get more organized? Would anyone like to come over right now and check out my house?? Believe me, I need a lifestyle change.

Finally.....Do I need to draw closer to my Father? Without a doubt. I need a major lifestyle change. Too often, over the years, God has been Someone that I've stuck on a shelf until I have gotten myself in so deep that He was the only way to make things right. I don't want to live that life anymore. I need a major lifestyle change.

Over the next few days I'm going to post about how I hope to make these changes and as we go along, give you progress on how I'm doing.

I hope you'll hold me accountable as I need all the partners I can get.

Remember, I've shared I tend to get a bit..just a bit (??!!) stubborn.....

So let me ask, resolutions or lifestyle changes?? Let me know. I'd like to encourage you along your path as well.