Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's All In How You Look At It

Typically I'm not a complainer. I don't like people who complain and whine all the time, so I tend to move away from that as much as possible. Every now and then though I run into events, like the ones of this week, and the urge to whine and complain leap into overdrive.

But fortunately it was just that: an urge. Awww, maybe for a couple of seconds I may have muttered or said, "You've GOT to be kidding", but it was just for a couple of seconds..and that's really good.

It began Sunday night when I texted Beth and told her that Monday,  instead of going to buy groceries in Cullman..( You mean you haven't tried Aldi's??? You have NO idea what you're missing!! But that's another post..), we would just stay in Jasper. Did I come to that decision out of the blue? Depends on how you look at it. Possibly, but for me, Holy Spirit dropped that in my spirit and that was that....until Monday morning.

When I got up Monday morning, I had changed my mind and decided,"You know what?? Let's just go on to Cullman. I can get such better deals there!" see...I'm one of God's more stubborn daughters. About 30 minutes later Beth calls in a panic.Can't get the lock to open on Sally's kennel! Been workin' on it 20 minutes no! So next door I go...complete in my orange/yellow gown, stained white robe and bright pink Crocs...You should have seen me!!!....on the other hand it really is better you didn't... Just a few minutes, a few prayers and Sally was a free pup! "Hey Beth, by the way, I think we can still make it to Cullman!"

Back at home I'm primping and pruning....cause no one in town could have handled my earlier beauty...and the phone rings...."Deb, can you bring some electrical wire to the job site? It's in my shop." "Yes, dear. Be there in about an hour."....The fight has ended, we're staying in Jasper.

I notice on my way to the site that the air in my car just isn't putting out cold and so I know something was up. I found out how much something was up when I pulled in at the site. Antifreeze and steam going everywhere!!! Oh what a mess is the death of a radiator........ that's why God didn't want me driving to Cullman....He knew I was going to have car trouble. He knew I'd be stranded on the side of the road. And even when I still tried to do my own thing, He loved me enough to put obstacles in my way and then allowed me to be stranded in a safe place...with my husband!!!

He is so good to me.

Then last was cool and a breeze was blowing in the window. I was snuggled under my blankies and snoozing away when off in the distance I hear a noise. Strange noise. Unfamiliar noise. I peek through one eye enough to notice it is 3:30 in the morning...but what is that noise?????? Then I recognize it. I'd heard it once before many, many years ago.....I jumped out of my bed, ran...well staggered the kitchen, flipped on the light, whipped open the cabinet door and reached for the water shut off. What happened? The water supply line to my dishwasher had burst and water was going everywhere!! More specifically...all over my newly remodeled kitchen!!!!!!! Water's off. Grab towels. Hubby staggers in...bless him...He reaches toward the dishwasher and I say, "Don't worry about it, we'll get it tomorrow."

As  I lay back in bed, I couldn't help but be thankful. Thankful that my floor and cabinets are soaked and we have another repair to do? No. Thankful that God loved me enough to let this happen in the middle of the night, when we were home and could quickly turn the water off. Just imagine if it had happened earlier in the day when I ran to Jasper! Or earlier in the evening when we were at church! We would have had a way bigger problem then a few wet cabinets and flooring!!!

He loves me!!!! He loves you!!  Could God have prevented the problems? Sure. He's way bigger than a radiator and a water pipe, but we live in this world doing this thing called life and it comes with it's fair share of problems and struggles. However, God is right there with us all of the time if we'll just recognize Him, and when we do, we truly are able to realize that as bad as it could have been so much worse had He not had His hand over His children...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coming Back

I've always enjoyed writing. I was an avid blogger before I went back to work four years ago but as time goes by certain things fall by the wayside and my writing was one of those things.

I've done a lot of praying and thinking and I have decided, with the prompting of Holy Spirit, to pick this keyboard up again and write once more. I'm certain that my writing, post job will be VERY different than my writing, pre job...mainly because I'm a different woman today than I was four years ago...thank God!! What a shame if I would still be now where I was then!!

So.....I'm back!!! Good thing? Bad thing? You decide. If you enjoy this, then thank you very much. If you don't then feel free to move on. I won't be offended because this is my world and it is very much a work in progress.

I'll post as God prompts and time allows because as much as I enjoy writing about life, I enjoy living life even more!!!