Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catching Up!

As I sit at this computer, all is quiet within my house. I can hear the gentle trickle of the waterfall DS gave me for Christmas and the ticking of the clock.

I can hear the plow as DH is busy tilling up the garden and preparing it for winter planting. Cabbage and turnips will taste delicious this winter!

DD is sleeping in bed. She has a tough headache, probably brought on from being very tired as she and a friend were up into the wee hours of the morning working on wedding have-to's.

DS is at work. This kid has been working almost 40 hours a week at his job and has taken on a second job that gives him 10 or so more hours a week!! He is helping put up political signs around the area for a wonderful man that is running for Senate. The "real deal" as a Christian, we are praying so hard that he will be our next Senator. Anyway, DS is proving to really be stepping into the shoes of "mandom". We're proud of him and DD.

Things on the job front are going well. I do enjoy my job and I love my patients. They can truly bring many smiles to my day!

We are back off of vacation. If you've been on my Facebook, then hopefully you've gotten to enjoy the pictures that I posted. We had such a wonderful time of refreshing and renewal. Something we needed badly individually and as a family. With all of us on crazy different schedules, a one night a week family dinner can prove very challenging! It was great to enjoy a whole week and spend some time reconnecting!

Folks, I'm still praying and wondering what direction to take my blogging. It's no secret to those of you who have been faithful to keep checking back in, that my posting is sporadic at best. This is not something I'm willing to give up right now and I truly may, for a time, just post what's going on in our world. Maybe through that, someone can glean what it's like to transition from full time stay at home, home schooling mom, to a working mom of adult children, one of which is on the edge of flying out of the nest!

My, my how quickly life brings changes.....

Have a blessed Sunday. Go to your place of worship and do just that...worship. Praise our Creator and enjoy the blessings that He has given us.