Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh my, how time does get by me now!!! If I thought my days went quickly before, getting this job has just magnified that!!!

Things are going good on the job. I'm quickly learning many things, and can even call many of our patients by name when they walk through the door now!! Thankfully, I'm blessed that I enjoy my co-workers and (most) of my in anything else, there are just times when personalities clash no matter how hard you try.

One thing I've learned for certain is to make sure that whenever I go to a doctor's office now, I'm incredibly patient and always talk with the person at the front desk in a pleasant manner. While I always tried to live by that rule anyway, it's become even more important now that I'm the one working the front desk.

Yes, things do "happen" that will suddenly put the doctor twenty minutes behind. Yes, people do just walk in expecting to be seen right away and even when they get worked in when there is a inevitably puts things behind. Yes, people are late and that puts everything behind...including the time I get to walk out the door for the night!! No, I can't devote 100% of my attention to the patient signing in, the patient checking out, the patient needing to go back to an exam room and the patient on the phone at the same time!! Someone will get the short end of the stick... I'm not complaining by no means, just sharing the things I've learned and realized in a very short amount of time!!

On the home front, we have settled into our routine..and it's a routine that is always adjusting!! It puts a new meaning to 'never a dull moment'!!

The biggest and newest news though came last Friday night. Last Friday night DD went on a date with her boyfriend and came home engaged!! Yes, we already knew about it because he came to us and asked our permission and our blessing a week earlier. It made for a long week for this mom since I could hardly look at my baby girl without tearing up!!

She is SO excited...actually that might be a bit of an understatement...the big day?? December 4 of this year!! Doesn't leave a lot of time for me to absorb my beautiful daughter to the uttermost before she moves into her own home. I have to admit mixed emotions. I'm thrilled for her and the fiance` is a wonderful, young, Christian man, but at the same time I will truly be writing "The End" to a chapter of our lives that has been going on for almost 20 years.

However, a wedding puts me much closer to being a grandma now doesn't it??!! :o)

So there we are.. another quick post catching you up on this beautiful, wonderful, ever changing life of mine. Thanks to all of you still trying to keep up with me. I do the best I can to visit all of you still from time to time.

Here is a of pic of the newly engaged!!..

And the engagement ring...

The wonderful thing about the ring is that is was my Mother-in-law's (over 42 years ago). They were passed to my husband and me when we married over 26 years ago and now my daughter is proudly wearing them. What a wonderful legacy!!