Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hangin' at the Beach

Almost a month since I've checked in with blog world. There never seems to be enough moments in my day. God has been faithful, though to teach me many things in this last month. He has been pruning this daughter of His, sometimes painfully so

He has spent many weeks teaching me about what kind of power is in my tongue. Very hard lessons and painful pruning have shown me that I have spoken death more often than life with my tongue. I have had God bound..He hasn't been ALLOWED to work in this daughter's life!!

Then He has spent time showing me two doors. One door that is leading to His perfect will for my life, and the other door which leads to the world and the plans satan has for me. He has shown me that I've often not chosen the door of Life, but the easy way of the world.

Now He is in the process of teaching me that my mind is often my worst enemy and my biggest problem. This is, so far, proving to be the toughest lesson yet!

But for today, He has blessed with a period of rest. In His faithfulness, He has provided me, DH, DD and DS with an entire week away at the beach. Never have we been able to be away for an entire week and this could not have come at a more perfect time!!

Even in my time of correction, even in my time of pruning, God is loving me and in His wisdom, has given His daughter a time of refreshing.

So, I pray all is going well for my bloggy friends, who, even though I'm not in touch with as often, I do think about, pray for and read your posts...for now though, I'm going to join my family on the beach and enjoy the blessings God is providing!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Waiting Patiently

Last week was such a busy week and this week is proving to be a repeat.

This Friday I leave for Atlanta with my boss and a co-worker for a conference. Haven't done one of those in a VERY long time, so I'm excited about it. There is one downside though, and it's a biggy......I won't be home until late Saturday night and Saturday is my birthday!!!! :o( ..... oh well... such is life.

We went to a youth rally this past Saturday night. You might consider me a little old to be going to a youth rally (I'll be 46 Saturday.....), but I love them so much!! Why? Because teenagers are so uninhibited in their worship. They just cut loose and let God have His way!! It's awesome. What was more awesome about Saturday night was the fact that when the evangelist had everyone bow their heads and close their eyes, he posed the question, "Are you where you should be in your relationship with God? If not, raise your hand." Well, with the situation with DS, of course I peeked. He had a bit of a struggle, but slowly his hand went up. Well, apparently DH was peeking as well because he grabbed my hand and started weeping. Then DS took off towards the altar and I lost it. I fell into my pew, sobbing and praying and it was awesome!!!

This, for me, is reassurance that God is still very able to deal with my son. That He hasn't turned his back on him!! God is still working and doing a mighty work in a young man that He saved physically and spiritually so many years ago.

Then today during lunch, I'm doing my devotions and God brings me to this verse, "Then Abraham waited patiently and received what God had promised." Hebrews 6:15, NLT

So that's what I'm choosing to do. Waiting patiently on God to keep His promise.