Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coming Back

I've always enjoyed writing. I was an avid blogger before I went back to work four years ago but as time goes by certain things fall by the wayside and my writing was one of those things.

I've done a lot of praying and thinking and I have decided, with the prompting of Holy Spirit, to pick this keyboard up again and write once more. I'm certain that my writing, post job will be VERY different than my writing, pre job...mainly because I'm a different woman today than I was four years ago...thank God!! What a shame if I would still be now where I was then!!

So.....I'm back!!! Good thing? Bad thing? You decide. If you enjoy this, then thank you very much. If you don't then feel free to move on. I won't be offended because this is my world and it is very much a work in progress.

I'll post as God prompts and time allows because as much as I enjoy writing about life, I enjoy living life even more!!!

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