Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CVS, Part 3 and My Last CVS Trip

For part 3 of learning how to shop at CVS, head on over to Centsible Savings.

I truly hope you have found this to be helpful and I'd love to hear if you gave it a try and how well you did.

To be honest, I had whittled my bucks down to only $3 and I didn't earn any this week with my purchases, so in some eyes, I may have failed, but like I shared before, I'm not going to buy something, simply to earn an ECB. I've got to need it in order for it to be profitable to me.

My CVS experience last week was as follows:

1, 6.5 oz Aquafresh toothpaste, $2.50
1, Palmolive 10 oz dish soap, 97¢
1, Waterproof Mascara, $2.99
2, Rolls CVS paper towels, 99¢ & 49¢

I used a $2 coupon on the toothpaste, 50¢ coupon on the dish soap. These were manufacturer coupons.
I used a $2 CVS coupon on the mascara and the paper towels were buy one get one half off.
I had $3 in ECB's.

Grand total, plus tax: 52¢!!

No, except for the paper towels, I didn't need these things at the moment of purchase.

Yes, they will most definitely get used and they will not spoil.

Too good of a deal to turn away.

Later today I will try to get the post out on the rest of my shopping trip.

Together we can help each other become more aware of what we're spending and how to get the most with that money.


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