Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do You Thrift Store??

I just wanted to give a plug for checking out your local thrift stores.

Now..I know that everyone already knows this. I know that everyone already shops thrift stores and yard sales and everyone loves hand-me-downs!!...I'm serious here....

Let me give you an example of savings just by looking at the thrift store first...

Earlier this week, DS started a new job at Zaxby's. They provided him with a Zaxby's shirt and hat. He had the shoes, he had the socks, he had the pants...or so we thought. Turns out that every restaurant in our area uses black pants guessed it....Zaxby's.

The day he turns in his work permit, they told him to be back at 10:15 ready to go to work. It's a little after 9 at this point and so driving home only to turn around and come back was a total waste of gas. I decided to take DS out for some breakfast..kind of a celebration of sorts (and we were really hungry!!). As we were headed to eat, DS told me, "Mom, I've got to have khaki pants. Not black." What!!....So, nothing to do but head to Wal Mart for some new khaki pants.

Why not the thrift store?? Because there was no way to get them washed and dried and him back to work in less than an hour and my policy is to wash everything (sometimes even brand new) before wearing..

At Wal Mart we find khaki's at the wonderful price of $16.95. Hmph.....I'm not too happy, but what do you do?? So I spend the little over $17 and take DS to work.

Today finds DS and DD at work and DH at the church with the men just taking care of those things that need taken care of. I decide to do some Mom time which consisted of a trip to the bank, filling up the car with gas (at this point DS and I are sharing a car until he can save up his half for one...very frustrating for this mom who likes to have her car available..but that's for another day....), a stop at Sonic cause I LOVE their $1 chicken sandwiches and a trip to the thrift store.

At the thrift store I pick up a couple of kids Bible storybooks to give away and then I head over to check out the bedspreads, curtains and finally men's pants.

Yes, I'm specifically looking for khaki pants for DS, because they are going to give him another Zaxby's shirt which thrills me because I don't like trying to make up a load of laundry every day. Seems like a waste of water and electricity to me....

I find at least 7 or 8 pair of pants, each for under $4!!! I settle on 2 pair (because I'm not sure how they'll fit) and each pair was only $1.98!!! For less than $5 I got 2 pair of pants. 2 pair of khaki's at Wal Mart....$33.90 before tax. 2 pair of khaki's at the thrift store...$3.96 before tax. A savings of....$29.94!!!!

A no brainer for this gal!!

So...check out that thrift store, or Salvation Army, or Goodwill, or whatever it's called in your area. You may have to try a few times to find what you need, but the hunt is fun and the savings is worth it!!


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momstheword said...

Wow, your thrift store gives great deals. Ours never have pants that cheap. At least, not nice ones without holes.

I buy my 15 year old shoes there. They are namebrand shoes (like Michael Jordans) and he has several pairs that retail at over $100 but we got for less than $7.00 and some were less than $5.00. We even got him a brand new pair with the pricetag from the retail store still on it.