Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Shopping Trip Results

I just wanted to share how I did on my shopping this week.

We weren't out of everything, but we were almost out of meats. So, of course, a good portion of that spending was on meats.

I started with $240.

My first stop, as usual, was at our Bent-n-dent. This actually wasn't a good week there to rack up on some bargains. I picked up 10 more cans of tomatoes at 39¢ a can, peanut butter at $1.39, milk at $2.98 a gallon (I bought 3 gallons) and a few other odds and ends. I spent $27.94 and saved $4.80.

I spent $1.59 at Dollar General for some liquid potpourri (remember that's my weakness......), $18.36 at the Dollar Tree. I bought mainly cleaners, anniversary cards (I still send cards snail mail and noticed I was out of anniversary cards..), toiletries, a few items for an upcoming baby shower and chocolate frosting.

From there I went to Winn Dixie where I spent $10.80 on pop. Yes, we drink pop. Yes, we like pop. Yes, we could save money if we didn't buy pop, but I haven't made it to that place yet. I did buy our pop on sale and saved $4.45 though!! :o)

A trip to Wal Mart for those things we just can't live without...really... I picked up some of the much needed meats as well and spent $94.45. I didn't use many coupons this week (remember, if you don't need what you have a coupon for, then you're not really saving) so I only saved $1.25 with coupons. I priced matched leg quarters, saving $2 a bag (I bought 3 bags). Fresh tomatoes were on sale, 50¢ saved there. Total savings at Wal Mart, $7.75.

A trip to Sav A Lot where I spent $48.03 and finally a quick stop at Food World for potatoes. They were on sale for $1.49 a 5# bag. I bought 2 bags and a few other items on sale. Spent $7.52, saved $7.00.

Total spending: $208.69!! Total saving: $24.00!!

I was so thrilled at not having spent the whole $240. That means if meats are on sale this week I can purchase them. If not, I can apply that to the next grocery shopping day or put it in savings!

I seem to be doing better at staying under budget, but I'd love to see my 2 week spending be under $200. Once I achieve that, I'd like to try to get to $175. Of course, that's going to take a lot of planning and no lying back down in the mornings (see earlier post) so that I can cook more from scratch and redeem the time God has given me in a way that will please Him.

How about you? Do you have a grocery budget? How are you doing on your spending? I'd love to hear what you do to make those hard earned dollars go farther.


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momstheword said...

Well, we are starting with $400 for the four of us (my boys are 15 and 20). I feel that that is WAY to high but I just want to allow myself lots of elbow-room. Plus I'll feel better when I cut it way down.

So what is your budget going to be? I need to record my latest receipts in my teeny-tiny notebook.