Thursday, January 8, 2009

2 Praises and CVS

I want to share a couple of things in this post and then I'll be back later to write a post about this submissive wife thing I'm about getting a swift kick in the pants this morning......

We have two praises to share!

First, DD's....exam...went well. Doc was great, she survived and the minor problem she was having was determined to be easily fixed.

Second, DS got a job! In today's economy, with so many losing their jobs, this is a blessing! a faaarrrr earlier post (that I can't find at this point), I mentioned shopping at CVS. If you match their sales with coupons, you really can get stuff free or for pennies. It does take some patience and in my humble opinion, some good sense. I honestly refuse to buy something that I absolutely don't use just to get ECB's back. I feel that's wasting and according to some hard core CVS'ers I'm off my nut, but that's okay.

I would try to explain CVSing to you, but I would only confuse you to the point that you would know I'm off my nut so...go on over to Centsible Savings . She is running a 3 part series on how to make CVS work for you. I read part one this morning and she explains very clearly how to get started.

Walgreens does something similar with Register Rewards or RR's as they are better known, but I've found that I don't do as well at Walgreens as I do at CVS.

I'll be back later, but must go wake everyone up to get our school day started!


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