Friday, January 30, 2009

Hubby's Free Time

I have to admit, I'm just having one of those days where I can't think of a single thing to blog about. So I decided just to sit down and type. I mean, isn't rambling good??

DH is off of work today. Not his choice, but the result of things just being slow. Bear in mind he works at a hospital, so the patient load being small is good for the patients, not good for the employees. Kind of a catch 22 huh??

Anyway he and a coworker decided to go get breakfast together and check out a "tool shed" in a neighboring town. He was really iffy about even going, but I really encouraged him to do this.

DH never takes time for himself. If he's not at work, he's working on something around the house, or spending time with me and the kids. All of these are good things, but his job is so stressful and he works so's important for him to just have some guy time and do absolutely nothing.

He left not too long ago and he was all smiles. It is so good to watch him leave "just because".

How about your guy? Is he so focused on taking care of the house and the family, the bills and his job, or working at the church or in ministry, that he just doesn't take any time for himself??

Being a stay at home mom, I sometimes feel guilty. Don't get me wrong..for 17 years I've stayed at home and 'held down the fort' to speak..taking care of babies and the house, homeschooling and household responsibilities, homeschooling, household responsibilities and running preteens where they needed to go, and now, household chores and keeping two very active teenagers schedules from conflicting!! There are days where I feel like my ole' brain is just flatlining.....but sometimes our guys can get so focused on the 'need to do's' that they don't take any time for the 'want to do's'.

The times I can get DH to go off on a 'want to do', he always comes home looking so relaxed and refreshed. His mind is always clearer and he's always so excited to share about his day. I'm looking forward to that this afternoon.
During the warmer months, I can convince DH to just get on his motorcycle and ride. He's usually not gone more than a couple of hours, but the difference in him when he does get home is astonishing!!

How about your guy? Does he get so focused on the 'have to do's' that he takes no time for himself and the 'want to do's'? Step up ladies! Make sure to encourage your DH to take some time to relax and enjoy himself. Even if it's just a few hours a month. Believe me, it will not only make a difference in your guy, but it will make a positive difference in your relationship.

What do you do to encourage your DH to take a little time for himself??



Beth in NC said...

I feel guilty sometimes too! I understand.

As a matter of fact, my hubby is in the mountains with a friend right now. I hope he's having fun and relaxing.

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momstheword said...

My husband doesn't get a lot of time to himself and but I do encourage him to take it. He and our boys have some things they enjoy doing together, and even though my husband isn't alone he does enjoy doing it with them.

Lisa said...

I love when my hubby takes sometime too. He want usually go off completely alone, but he has started doing things with DS which I think is great for both of them. The really seem to get each other and come home with a stronger bond. I encourage DH by telling him how much DS really needs the time with his dad and that is about all it will take. I'm glad your hubby is having some me time!