Monday, January 5, 2009

Smiling Through My Tears

Our whirlwind month is about to come to a close.

What began on the 16th of December with our 25th anniversary, moved to the 21st with DS's 16th birthday, went to the 25th with Christmas, the 29th with my dad's birthday, the kid's combined birthday parties this past Saturday..will wind up with DD's 18th birthday dinner here at home on the 15th.


To say I'm give out would be an understatement!! I'm exhausted!!!

As I posted earlier, we had the kids birthday party on Saturday. They decided that since they were having "big" birthdays, it would be fun to have a party..something they hadn't wanted in years. So...that's what we did.

They invited 16 of their friends, 13 of which showed up, and since this was a "big deal birthday" party, extended family was invited too. We could have had over 40 people there if everyone showed up! (We had around25)

We decided to rent the community center for the afternoon because..well..I preferred keeping my house on it's foundation!!

We got to the center around noon and began decorating. By 1 the teens started filing in. By 2 we were in full party mode dancing with me and my sister trying to learn the Cha Cha Slide. Wish I had pictures of that...(no, I really don't. That could be used as blackmail for sure!!) They played some games one of which was Duck, Duck, Goose! It never ceases to amaze me how teens want to be treated like adults until they get with their friends!!

I had made a couple of pots of chili and we had plenty of snacks and goodies and drinks and after games and dancing their appetites were unleashed. Have you ever watched 13 teens eat??? It's absolutely astonishing!!

After the eating they just kind of hung out and caught up with each other and it was time for gifts. That done, they had a little more fun just hanging out and laughing and enjoying each other's company.

There is a definite blessing in watching your two teenagers having fun with 13 other Christian teenagers. After the party DH and I were talking and every teen there knew Jesus Christ as their Savior!! That was such a blessing! So often, unsaved teens think that if you become a Christian all of your "fun" ends. This group proved just the opposite is true. How I would love to see that message get out to all the teens in our area.

Our party began winding down around 5, but this was not to be the end of these 15 teens party night. No sir. It just also happened to be another boy's 18th birthday and he was having his party immediately after our kids!! So all 15 teens loaded up and headed to Joey's house to celebrate with him!! This went on until 10!!

DH and I stayed behind to clean up the center. We locked up, returned the key and headed home.

After unloading the car, DH got some cake and ice cream, I made a bologna sandwich...(yes...I like bologna..) and we sat on the couch, enjoyed our food and a little quiet conversation.

We turned the tv on although I'm not sure why because the next thing we knew, two hours had passed and I woke myself up....snoring!!! Thing is..I don't snore!! Honestly!! DH handles that..

I have to say that I'm glad to be wrapping this party season up, but it's incredibly bittersweet for me. My oldest is turning 18 very soon and I see a world that I've enjoyed very much, changing yet again. I'm sure though, that God will prepare me for that change as He's been faithful to do in the past, but as a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom of 17 + years...I'll be smiling through my tears...



Lisa said...

Wow I'd be exhausted too! I understand where your coming from with the changes, but I know God has a plan for you, and it will be just as exiciting and fulfilling I'm sure.

momstheword said...

Amen, sister! My oldest son is now 20. I remember when he turned 18 he was so suprised that he still had a curfew! He was like, "you're kidding, right? But I'm 18!" (though he was respectful about it).

We informed him that he was 18 and still in highschool. Once he graduated we began to give him a little more leeway to stay out later (but not every night).

We let him set his curfews now, within reason. If we don't like it, we ask him to be home earlier (like on Saturday nights before church).

Nanci said...

It sounds like you had a grand celebration!!!

My family is about four months behind yours - My daughter turns 18 at the end of April & my son turns 16 at the beginning of May. Their birthdays are a week apart.

You're not alone in your thoughts. I watch and pray for the Lord to lead my kids in the directions he has for them (all the while, wishing that they could stay close by me forever, yet knowing that is not God's way. They are only on loan to us for a little while.)

It IS tough to watch the life you love changing. Yet it is just a part of God's plan for us -- to train this generation, and for them to go out and train the next generation. But hasn't it all gone by so quickly and isn't it so hard to let go?

God bless.