Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Found My Laundry Room!!!!

We've lived in our house almost 4 years, and I was pretty sure I remembered that when we looked at the house, it had a laundry room. Yes, I was certain of it. Problem was, I lost it and I needed to find it again.

There is this little room just off my carport that houses my washer and dryer, so that was the most obvious place to look. I can get to this room by going out the kitchen door to the carport and then into what I believe is my laundry room. As you can guess, it's incredibly easy to just dump things I don't have a place for out there. After all, no one goes in my laundry room but me and the kids...even DH doesn't go out there unless he HAS to. He's a bit claustrophobic and laundry room scares him...

The weather was warm and wonderful and since I had been so lazy the last couple of days, I decided to redeem myself and do at least one thing productive. Clean out my laundry room.

I opened the door and took a good look around. I found that I had made a path from the door to the washer and dryer, and a path to a book shelf that holds extra food that won't fit in the kitchen cabinets (since I shop every two weeks).
I began at the book shelf and decided to work my way around.

I took one of those big, dark lawn and garden trash bags and began throwing away trash. Things that had gotten broken because they were laying in the floor, for the most part.

I found a basket that still held birthday party decorations, paper plates, bowls and spoons and forks. This party was 3½ weeks ago!!! I put the contents of the basket away and then put the basket up on the shelf it belonged on.

I then uncovered a laundry basket that held Christmas decorations!!! I've had those out of the house since the end of December!! Going through that basket I found things that I didn't want anymore, so I put them in a box to give to the thrift store and then I put the rest in a box to go up in the attic.

I found a 20 pound bag of bird food that needed emptied into the bucket I keep bird food in.

I found Christmas ornaments that I bought on sale to use as gifts for next Christmas. Then I looked at the shelf I normally store those type things on and saw that it was full of books and videos that needed brought back in the house. (I usually take stuff down to display my Christmas deco's..)

After taking the books and videos in the house, I put the ornaments away, along with the gifts I'd already bought for next Christmas.

I found more things that needed to go in the attic or given to the thrift store.
By this time I was about halfway through cleaning.

I came on around to the trash can, which by the way was climbing the wall....literally. I emptied it and made my way to the washer and dryer and the shelf over it which holds my laundry soap, bleach, fabric softener and such as that.

I wiped everything down..does your laundry room collect fuzz buddies like mine does??....and reorganized that shelf.

On around to the deep freezer and the shelf over it...maybe I should mention that DH put in floor to ceiling shelves to help keep me organized??...maybe not.....

On that shelf I moved things and put them where they should have went in the first place, wiped down the deep freezer and finally swept the floor...and it only took me 2 hours!!!!!!

I am so proud of that room now!! I actually put a load of laundry into wash last night and didn't feel like something was about to reach out and suck me in!!!

Now...on to the dresser drawers....!!! I think I have a least I moved one in here almost 4 years ago.....



Lisa said...

Can you come to my house? You gave me a good laugh. I enjoy reading your blogs, they really hit home with me. We will be moving our office this week, due to some furniture moving I did after Christmas. My job, clean up the office otherwise DH is threatening to toss it all for me. I just simply have not had the time. Somewhere there is a desk, I think we need a new one anyway, can you see my hubby's eyes rolling.

momstheword said...

My laundry room is very small and we just don't have much room in there for anything so it stays pretty clean. Now my bedroom, on the other hand.....sshheeesh!

Beth in NC said...

You are describing all of my closets and my whole in the roof - attic. Sigh.

I'm happy for you! It feels good to get organized!