Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Shopping Trip Update.....finally....

My shopping trip went well Friday, although I'm sure as I write this and review, it could have went better. This is good for keeping me accountable and hopefully reaching my own goals of being a better shopper and saver.

I had $250 for two weeks. When I shop, I shop for everything. Birthday presents, household items, cleaners, paper products, groceries, my list is quite lengthy. I also shop every two weeks, only buying bread or meat sales in between.

As always, my first stop was the Trade Market (Bent-n-Dent). I bought 3 gallons of milk, saving $1.71 on those 3 gallons. I stocked back up on cans of diced tomatoes at 39¢ a can. I bought 10 cans and saved $2.60. Several other items gave me a savings of $2.45 for a total savings of $6.76. Even if I only save a few cents, I will go ahead and buy what I need there. There is truth in, 'A penny saved is a penny earned.' I spent $24.12

I made my way to the Dollar Tree where I purchased our body wash, shave cream, glass cleaner and some black socks for DS's new job (?)--(see earlier post) among other things spending $7.56

From there, Wal Mart. This is usually where I spend the bulk of our monies. I had quite a list which also included out of the ordinaries like: 2, $5 gift cards, socks for me and undies for DH. I also had to download my pics on a cd and I printed off a few as well. DD needed contact solution and she has to use a certain brand which isn't the cheapest! These items alone came to $28.90 before tax. Then I made other needed items that are of a normal sort. I'm not going to bore you with my entire shopping list, but it was quite lengthy. My subtotal before coupons was $128.92. I had coupons for many of the items and the total on the coupons was $12.47. My complete total after taxes was $115.16.

On to Dollar General where I spent $6.48 on trash bags, fabric softener and the store brand of Lysol.

My next stop was Save A Lot. I needed cans of veggies and cream soups. I also bought 4 pounds of ground turkey. A few other items gave me a grand total of $33.82.

My last stop was a local grocery store. I threw my receipt away, so I can't remember every item I bought. I do remember I bought some ice cream, green beans and some other items spending $18.28.

We went out on Saturday and I picked up some things on sale at Target and spent $9.35. I had $1 in coupons.

Add in the 52¢ I spent at CVS. Here, I saved in coupons and ECB's.

My spending total so far was $215.29.

My savings total was $27.73.

I still have a little more than $34 for the bread or the meat sales that may happen over the next 2 weeks.

I'm pleased with how this turned out, but I believe I can make better use of my coupons.

We'll continue this journey and I hope you'll share how your shopping and saving is coming along.


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