Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Are Awesome Blogging Buddies!!!!!

I was so blessed by the way you reached out and encouraged me from my post yesterday. I was discouraged and questioning if we were doing the right thing or if we were being unreasonable and narrow minded.

DH also read your comments was encouraged as well.

DS spent the day trying to make me laugh, which is way of apologizing and DD came home from work with purple tulips which she said she bought ..."because they're your favorite color and as a sort of peace offering". Then she also wrote a post on her blog (which she's only begun to dabble in) which is, I know, her apology.

Somewhere in my heart, I knew that DH and I were doing things the way we believed God was leading us to do them, but like I shared, things were said that made me wonder if we were totally off our nut!

God used my awesome blogging buddies to confirm, encourage and uplift my spirit. None of you will ever fully know what that meant to me yesterday and what that will mean to me for such a very long time to come.

I started blogging as a way to do what I love..write..and to share with, encourage and learn from others...but God in His wonderful greatness brought new friends and sisters..(and brothers!)..in Christ, into my life.

Humbled and blessed....


Beth in NC said...

I am so glad today is a happier day with direction and clarity where your babies are concerned.

God is faithful. :o)


momstheword said...

It is good to talk to others who are likeminded and see that we aren't alone!

Yesterday I lost something that I had got for my fifteen year old (something for homeschool) and I was very disappointed and frustrated that I had lost it, because it was for him (he, of course, didn't care).

Anyway, I was searching for it and just feeling really bad and my 15 year old son comes up and asks "Do you need a hug?" I just had to laugh because it was so cute!

Lisa said...

I'm glad your feeling better today. I'm out of town currently so I did not see your post until today, internet use is a bit spotty and I'm sharing a computer with several people. Anyway, the teens years are just bumpy sometimes I think. I hear all the time how I'm not like so and so's parents. Yesterday my teen was telling ME how to drive, he is 16 how does he know more than me, or so he thinks. I think the teen years are tough for everyone sometimes, the parents see potential in their kids, and their kids are on the verge of adulthood and think they should be given all the freedom because of that. Like someone else said, I continually tell him its not that I don't trust you, but you don't have the life experience that I do. When Alex was 2 his strong will showed up and a friend told me I would have the same battles when he was a teen he would just be more sophisticated with the battle. I've had to laugh many times because I can see what she was telling now.