Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free Blog Makeover!!

By now, most of you have guessed that I'm not the smartest chip in the computer when it comes to the computer. If it weren't for some very dear..compassionate..I feel so sorry for this poor thing, somebody help her, (mom!!)..blogging sisters, my site would still be pathetic.

Then along comes my sweet sister Beth who has got this awesome blog makeover!!! (No, I'm not envious..but this thing looks GOOD!!) and she has been gracious enough to give each of us a shot at winning a makeover!!

Head on over to her site, I AM HEADING TOWARD MY DESTINY and get in on this chance for a makeover. (Let me add that I want to win this, I'm just being nice and letting you know about it too!!! :o).....

Now don't waste any time as the drawing for this makeover is February 9!!!



Beth in NC said...

You are too cute. I wish I could give one to all of my friends!!!


momstheword said...

Anything I've learned it's mostly been because I pushed a wrong button...hehehe! Still don't know how to make over a blog or make my own button.