Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank You SO Much..& Your Opinion Needed

Let me first begin by saying thank you, thank you, thank you, for the encouragement and prayers. As yesterday went on, I found myself getting angrier and angrier with God...even telling Him that I blame Him for what is going on. Praying was not going to happen....and it didn't.

This is where you, my bloggy buddies, my best girlfriend, my Mom and my DH came in...you stepped in and interceded on my behalf. I am humbled and unworthy..but oh, so thankful....

I do ask that you continue to pray for my entire family. I'm not up on strong legs yet, and I'm not real sure how long that may take, but I do know that I have to turn my back on and close my ears to the lies that satan is trying to get me to believe.

Moving on........

My best girlfriend has a blog over at Living In the Dash.

I've requested that my bloggy buddies go on over and check out her site and you've been so faithful in doing that. I'm asking you to check out her site again. Why?

She's has posted on a situation that is going on in lives of some friends that are very dear to the both of us. This is a very real situation and the issue between the husband and wife is very real.

The wife, we are certain, has sought godly council on this situation as it has brought their marriage to a point of possible break up.

The husband insists that there is no problem.

Both claim Christianity.

So, R is asking for your opinion.....
Hop on over to her blog, read the post and just leave a comment on your thoughts.

Again my bloggy friends...

I love you all. You are so dear to my heart and I will be forever thankful that God has used this means to put you in my life...won't Heaven be an awesome homecoming!!! :o)

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Mary Moss said...

So glad I scrolled down the page to find this post:-) I'll do some "blog-hopping" at lunch time:-)