Monday, August 24, 2009

So Many Blessings....Yes, He Heard Me....

The overnighter with DH was long overdue, much needed and much appreciated.

It was a 2 hour drive in the remake of Noah's flood, back to back traffic during rush hour in one of our states biggest cities. It was nail biting, dash-gripping hit and miss at times...but it was great.

It was great to just get to be with my life-mate. It was great to just be able to talk freely without the fear that teenage ears would overhear. It was a quiet dinner in a nice restaurant and a big soft bed.

It was breakfast with my best friend and a few hours of long overdue, one on one with my Father.

Then there was the added blessing of meeting a fellow blogger.

Lori over at That's So God met me and showed me around her city. I was able to meet her two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Hannah and their newest addition, Anna. (Sarah took our picture)

We went to the Rosa Parks museum and to a beautiful water fountain in the middle of the city...and I was blessed by their unselfishness and love.

Even though we only had a couple of hours together, I met a sister in Christ and made a new friend. Blessings that can never be taken away from me.

Then yesterday morning I came face to face with the very God who I had all but turned my back on earlier in the week.

The music started just like every other service, but you could feel the heaviness and the darkness that had walked in on many shoulders.....mine included.

This did not go unnoticed by our pastor and shortly after the opening prayer he interrupted the choir and the Holy Spirit took over. The evil presence of satan was confronted and removed and the Holy Spirit was allowed to begin the healing process in well over 75 lives....mine included.

About 3 weeks ago, DD received a message straight from God in one of our services. While it got her attention, she soon got past it. This morning though, while in the altar, as I held her hand on one side and her dad had her hand on the other, Pastor walked straight up to her, took her by the face and gave her a direct message from God. By her own admission, if she chooses to turn away..there will be repercussions she is not willing to face. I pray that what she experienced this morning will be forever burned into her very soul.

May I just impress on you that whatever the storm, do not allow satan to take you to places in your soul that you should never be. Do not believe the lies he tries to plant within you. Do not allow him to become bigger than God.

Let me proclaim before all of you that the God I love, the God I serve is more than able.


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Loriann said...

We were blessed to be able to spend time with you. We are praying for your family, especially DDB. So glad God met you where you were.
P.s. can I use the picture on out blog? Please (O: ...
Hannah, Sarah, and Anna say Hi too...
Much love and Prayers, Lori