Friday, August 21, 2009

Created to be His Help Meet

We are studying the book by Debi Pearl, Created to be His Help Meet. Through our study of this book, we are going to learn what it means to be a help meet and actually living the role that God created us as women to fill. I've read this book once before and applied many of the things that Mrs. Pearl spoke of, and it has transformed an already good marriage into nothing short of awesome!! I encourage you to purchase this book and follow along or at the very least, check out the Pearl's website at
Any text taken directly from Mrs. Pearl's book will be highlighted in blue.

I realize that in studying Created to be His Help Meet at the rate of one chapter per week, we will be doing this study for approximately 24 weeks. We could go at this at a much faster rate, but I believe that if we truly want to change and fill our God given rolls as help meet to our husbands, then we need to take things slower and put into practice what we are learning. I hope you agree and stay the course with me as we become better help meets together.

Part 1: The Help Meet
Chapter 2: A Thankful Spirit

Mrs. Pearl begins this chapter with this statement, "A wise woman sets a joyful mood in her home. Through laughter, music and happy times, she creates a positive attitude in her children. She knows that a light hearted home relieves her husband of stress."

I think the title of this chapter says it all...A Thankful Spirit.

Are we thankful for what our husbands have provided or do we complain that we need more, better, newer? Do we look at Mrs. So&So and envy what she has and then pass that emotion on to our husbands?

By complaining, we are conveying the attitude that our husbands are not good enough providers for our families. When we say, " I was over at Sally's today and guess what? They have a new sofa!"...our man hears..."Sally's husband can afford to buy her a new sofa, why can't you afford to buy us a new sofa?"

Maybe you were just sharing a thought, but our man hears that he isn't doing his job as provider good enough.

With today's economy and people losing their jobs, it's more important than ever to have a thankful spirit...a contentment in our soul. If your man is anything like mine, the thought of getting laid off is always on his mind. He knows the lifestyle his family is used to and doesn't want that to change for them His stress level gets higher and higher...that's where we come in.

By looking at how blessed we are, being content with what we have and being happy about it, our man will be encouraged by and thankful for his wife. She becomes his cheerleader..his happy place. the place he can't wait to get home to and peel off the worries and pressures of the day.

Mrs. Pearl asks several questions at the end of this chapter, but I would like us to focus on these three:

1) Have I been discontent about my lot in life? Am I, on occasion, a "poor-me" person?
2) Do I verbally show thanksgiving every day?
3) Do I daily remember to thank God for my husband?

Read these questions and answer them honestly. If you find you've been ungrateful or throwing the world's biggest pity party, then make a change this week.

Incorporate thanksgiving and contentment with a merry heart and you'll find a smiling, grateful husband.

Next week: Thanksgiving Produces Joy

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