Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cafe` Chat

Today I'm visiting at the Cafe` and boy did Kim make me take a step back.

She is addressing strongholds/struggles in our lives.

Wow.....time to get real.

I have got a few things that really have a lot of power over me. I realize that I am allowing this because as a child of the King, I have HIS power...I just don't claim and use the power He has instilled in me.

Here is our question:

How would my life look if I no longer struggled with _______? What if I was completely free from ______ through Christ’s power…(Put your struggle/stronghold in the blank) *Try to give some very specific ways your life would be different if you no longer struggled with your above named stronghold*

I have 3 big struggles, but the one I'm going to put in the blank is low self esteem.

How would my life look if I no longer struggled with low self esteem?
(We'll answer the 2nd question next week)

In the natural,I think I'm pretty okay. I mean, I believe I'm a good wife and mom, I keep up with my housework, keep up with the laundry, most of the meals we eat are cooked from scratch.

My kids are homeschooled and they are very intelligent.

My house is decorated simply, but nicely.

In the spiritual, I'm okay..but like most..could do better. I stay pretty consistent with my quiet time with God. I'm faithful to my church and the people that make up the body. I'm constantly putting others before myself and trying to make sure their needs are met. I share Jesus and what He means to me and what He can mean to you and the difference He can and will make in all areas of your life.


No matter how good of a wife and mom I believe I am, I will notice other women who are better.

No matter how clean or well decorated my house is, I see other homes that are cleaner or prettier.

No matter how much time I spend with God or how faithful I am to His people, there is a greater Christian than me. Someone who is making a bigger difference in the Kingdom.

I struggle with accepting myself, just the way God made me.

Thing is...NO ONE complains to me about me. My DH lavishes me with praise and thanks. Even my teenagers will love on me and thank me and tell me "I'm a pretty cool Mom".

My church family loves on me and especially the teenagers at our church.

God doesn't beat me up...He just shows me when I have sin in my life, but just as often I can hear Him encouraging me, especially in those moments when I'm comparing myself to someone "better".

How would my life look without this struggle??

Hands down...I'd be a happier person.

I'd be satisfied with myself and accepting of the person God made ME to be.

God made me a jeans and t-shirt girl. Dressing up would be putting on a blouse with those jeans!!

That's okay.

God made me a quiet person.

That's okay, because it makes me a good listener and sometimes all someone wants is someone to listen to them.

I like being a submissive wife and SAHM.

That's okay.

I believe I would be a lot more confident and accepting of myself. Satan would no longer be able to whisper (sometimes scream) in my ear that no matter what I's not good enough.

I believe that I'd have a lot more smiles and a lot less tears.

I'd be free....Just as God intended me to be in Him.

What about you? What is your biggest stronghold/struggle??


Toknowhim said...

Wow, you really did a good job at answering this question this week. I think you spoke about something that so many women struggle with (including myself)... You got it right about some of the reasons we are bound by insecurity...because we are comparing ourselves to others constantly, and again you are right there will always be someone who is just a little bit better.

We must learn to find our worth in the one that created us... Jesus...

Blessings and please share again, and feel free to visit my personal blog anytime...


Beth in NC said...

I think a lot of us could say those same words.

Thank you for sharing your heart Deb!


Anonymous said... sound much like me. It's wierd, I had a hard time pinpointing my stronghold, but boy, this comes just as close. I never think I'm good enough and feel like I'm so selfish at the same time. It's really wierd. Boy this has really opened up some raw truths (and lies!) that I need to really take care of. I was praying this morning and just asked God why I was so unhappy all the time. Like you, no one ever complains to me. My husband is head over heels in love with me and never complains. But God told me this morning, the reason I'm not fufilled and not overflowing in joy is my reason for's not to meet the needs of my family, it's so I can be labled a good wife and mother. Ouch. That one hurt. But deep, deep down, that's what I came to find.
Now the question is, how can I change this? LOL
Blessings to you for being open and sharing with us today. Have a great weekend!

Denise said...

We share the same struggle sweetie, praying for God to help us both see ourselves through His eyes.