Monday, March 2, 2009

Throwing Snowballs

Since I don't usually blog on Sunday, I want to share with you about Sunday today..

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow on the ground and snow falling like crazy!

To many of you, that may not be a big deal, it may even be an, "Oh no!! Not again..." moment. Having grown up in Chicago and having lived in Indiana and Colorado, I fully understand what those moments feel like..but..having lived in the deep south most of my 44 years (and that being where I live now) even a little snow is a big event!

We ended up with 2-3 inches of snow, enough for our church to cancel services--which is normal for most places around here. Yes, my family and I can't help but roll our eyes a bit because we've had to drive in snow so deep it was best if you were directly behind the snow plow--but we remember that this is very unusual for where we live now and so decide to enjoy the moment.

After seeing the snow, DH and I went in and woke up the kids. DD hit the floor and went straight to the window to look, because even at 18, she is still blessed to have the ability to see and enjoy things through child-like eyes. I pray she never looses that..

DS was a little slower at moving, but he too finally was up and about.

It wasn't long before we were all dressed and outside.

DD had gotten out there first and built a snow family on our pool deck. The "husband and wife" were about a foot tall with "baby" about 6 inches tall. She even stuck some little twigs in the snow for "trees".

Then she got busy and made some snowballs for our dogs to fetch.

We had our lab when we lived in Colorado. Out there, we taught him to fetch a snowball. He learned to gently pick it up in his mouth and try to bring it back to us. Of course by the time he would get it back to us it would be nearly melted from his breath, but it was a fun game for him and, as yesterday proved, one he still remembered. However, our little beagle was a different story. DD would throw a snow ball for him and he would try to fetch it, but couldn't quite master the gentle technique of picking it up in his mouth. He would grab the snowball as if he was grabbing a tennis ball, and of course it would completely fall apart. He'd stand there a moment looking at the ground and then bark at the disintegrated snowball!! It was hysterical!!

Throwing snowballs for the dogs soon turned into throwing snowballs at each other. I ended up with as much snow inside my clothes as I had on the outside. For some reason, my family likes to gang up on me in moments like that.......

DH went to his shop and got a tarp and we took turns pulling each other down the hill in the tarp. One of us would sit on the tarp and either DH or DS would start running. About halfway down the hill, they would let go and we were off!! Most of the time we could get stopped before heading into the trees, but DH couldn't get stopped one time and almost found himself in the creek!! Now that would have been refreshing!!!

After we were totally frozen and covered in snow, we went inside to hot chocolate and coffee and a warm breakfast.

As is typical for our area, by mid-day, the snow was a memory..but what a good memory it was.

The season of life I'm in right now rarely affords me the blessing of those moments when DD and DS were tots. Both are looking at college or apprenticeships...each graduating in the next year and a half...They both have part time jobs and busy schedules and even though we homeschool, our nest is more quiet now than in years past.

Though I don't believe I took anything for granted while the kids were growing up, moments like yesterday become more precious to me.

Let me encourage you, especially those of you with tiny tots, to not take one moment for granted. When little bit is pulling on your shirt to come play or it. When tiny tot needs you to drive the dump truck, drive it. When your teenager wants to stay under the warm blankets pull him out and get him outside to throw snowballs....believe me, neither of you will regret it.


momstheword said...

So true. My 15 and 20 year old still go outside and walk in the snow the first snowfall of the season. Even if it's midnight!

Early this morning my 20 year old and I were both up all night until 4:00 a.m (well, 4 for him, 5:00 a.m for me). Him with a school project and me with helping my mom. We had to share a laugh and a high-five that we were both up all night at that ridiculous hour!

Beth in NC said...

This is so sweet! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Sunday!

I really am trying to take everyone's advice and enjoy every moment of our daughter's childhood!


Pam D said...

Having lived south of the Mason Dixon line all my life, we TRULY appreciated every single flake that fell yesterday! We don't know what tomorrow will bring (and next year, there might not be any snow at all), so we played in it, even if it WAS wet and slushy and pretty darn cold. It was here and gone in a matter of hours; I'm glad we lived in the moment, just like you!
Blessings for the week...