Monday, March 30, 2009

Stepping Out---More About Me

Good Monday morning to all my bloggy buddies out there!!

I was out running some errands this weekend. I had the radio blaring (yes..I do listen to my music too loud--and my teenagers love it!!!.) I was thinking about my blogging and what God would have me do with it and all of a sudden I heard More About Me.

More about me??? Doesn't that sound a little pompous??

But, I turned my music down and tried to get a little quiet so I could know whether it was just my twisted mind thinking or if God was actually wanting me to begin something for a season.

It has been something I've thought about and prayed about all weekend and so with that here goes...

My Monday posts are going to begin with you. How's that you ask?

Well on Monday's (at least for a season) I'm going to have More About Me. You get to send me some questions (in good taste please) and I'll try to answer them.

In the bloggy world, we all tend to write about our what's going on in our lives or things God lays on our hearts. We write about ways to save money and be a better spouse and parent. We write about our awesome Father and what works He's doing in our lives and I want More About Me to focus on those same things, but on a deeper, more personal level.

For instance, I'm a 44 year old, stay-at-home Mom. I've been married to the most awesome man in the world for over 25 years. We've been homeschooling for almost 12 years, with our oldest graduating in May and our baby graduating next year.
We went through 5½ years of fertility treatments before getting pregnant with DD. I've been a child of the King for almost 17 years.

Pretty basic stuff, but how did I get there???

Maybe the paths I went down are where you are now. Small example...

I met Jesus when I was 27 years old. I grew up in a strict non-Christian home. I did go to church, but it was because a friend of the family came and picked me (and later my sister) up every time there was a service and took us to church. Even though I went to church with these friends for about 10 years, I didn't accept Jesus as my Savior. I was always a "good girl" and never got into much trouble at all and the trouble I did get into wasn't very serious.

I met DH and we married after knowing each other only 4½ months. We tried churches here and there, but we were good people and didn't give God too much thought.

We'd been married about 7½ years and DH and I entered the party scene. Circumstances in our workplace (we worked at the same place) put us in situations that led us to leading a very hard party lifestyle that truly, almost destroyed our marriage. We had reached the point of dividing things up, DH looking for a place of his own to live and trying to decide who would get DD when. (DS hadn't come along at that point)

In His Awesomeness, 3 years earlier God had moved us to a very rural community and planted us next door to a church. The pastor of that church lived across the street and visited us on occasion. He was never overbearing, just came over to chat and invite us to church. He was a super nice guy and DH actually got to where he enjoyed his visits. Me? I just hung out inside and wouldn't go outside until he left.

During our party phase, DH found a new job and so things in our marriage only got worse because I was still working with that party crowd. I still wanted to hang out with those people--they were fun!!

Again--God showing up and showing out (though we didn't know it) DH found out that the son of our next door preacher worked at the same place DH now worked. They decided to save on gas, they'd start riding together.

By our 8 year anniversary, we realized it would probably be the last one we'd have. Things were horribly bad and getting worse.

All of a sudden one Sunday morning I felt DH get out of the bed. We were both nursing hangovers and so I figured he was just going to the bathroom (again). He did, but instead of being sick he was getting a shower. He came out, got dressed. I asked him where he was going and he told me church. I belted out laughing. I remember saying, "You've got to be joking!!!", but he was very serious.

Me: "Well, I don't believe you so I'm going to church too just to make sure that's where you're going."

DH: "Good. C (the preacher's son) invited me...well, a...revival? Thought I'd check it out."

Me: "Sure...I'll be ready in just a few minutes."

Didn't have to worry about getting DD ready, she was still at Grannie's house.

Sure enough, within the hour we were sitting in our next door church and talk about feeling like a hair in a biscuit!!!!

The man preaching wasn't our next door preacher, but I was sure this guy had been stalking us..sitting outside our door listening to our fights and accusations. Now I know it was God Himself, but at that moment...I was pretty shook up.

By the end of service, I knew if I didn't get out of that place, the roof was going to cave in on me. I had never felt so nasty dirty in all my life!

This preacher offered something called an invitation. Did I want to give up this world and come to a Man Who could help me get out of this pit I was in and live a better life with Him? If so, come on up. Someone would be there to introduce me to Him.

I didn't know about DH, but I couldn't stand still a minute longer. I don't remember getting to the front of that church. I don't remember talking to that preacher. I do remember falling in that altar and crying like I'd never cried before and telling God how sorry I was and begging Him to forgive me and clean me up.

He did.

As I stood up, many ladies were hugging me and encouraging me and I looked to find DH standing up from that same altar. He'd met with God as well.

It was the end of an old, destructive life and the beginning of a new one...the three of and DH with God in the center.

So you have my testimony of how I met Jesus--but do you have questions about my growing up years, or that party period and how God has uses that in our lives now.

Do you wonder about homeschooling or being a Biblical wife.

Questions my buddies. Just ask. (again in good taste, please). Don't worry, I'd never share your names or point you out and if you have something of a very personal nature, just zap me an e-mail.

Maybe the story of my life is just what you need to hear to encourage you in yours.

Can't wait to hear from you!!!!


Pam D said...

I have chills on the back of my neck from your testimony, Deb. Thanks be to God that He keeps on chasing us, no matter how far or how fast we run. I'm so glad He finally caught you....
No questions right now, just wanted you to know that I love this post and hearing your story. It seems as those who didn't grow up in church may have a harder time getting there when they're older, but when they do, they REALLY are convicted. I guess maybe that would be a question.. do you agree?
Blessings on the week...

momstheword said...

Wow, what an awesome testimony! I can't think of any questions at the moment, so I'll have to come back later. However, I am wondering how long you had to wait with your second child.

We had trouble conceiving with all of our children. We waited about 3 1/2 - 4 years with our first, four 1/2 with our second, and we had to wait five years to conceive our third...which I m/c at four months along.