Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Try It Tuesday!!

To begin with a confession....I have failed miserably with last week's Try It Tuesday!!.....It seems like I couldn't get my kitchen cleaned before going to bed no matter how hard I tried. I think I was only successful twice last week....I'm glad that Try It Tuesdays are geared toward a lifestyle change. (It may take me that long to accomplish that!!!)

Moving on...

I've been thinking a while on how as wives and mothers, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner.

We are awesome caregivers and teachers and house cleaners and wash women and chauffeurs and doctors and the list goes on and on...but do you know what we're not awesome at???

Carving out even 15 minutes in our day..just for us..

SHHHH.....Can you hear the gasping?? It's coming from one of two groups.

Group one is gasping because they're short of breath from trying to be everything for everybody.

Group two is gasping because they believe they're reading the words of a nut who honestly thinks they can find 15 minutes in their day.

It can be done though. Not only can it be done, it has to be done.

We, as women, give so much of ourselves everyday. A little bit here, a little bit there until we quite literally feel like we can give no more. Do you know what you have when you have a worn out, give out woman???

Someone who is negative, depressed, uptight, angry, stressed...Someone whom nobody else wants to be around. (There are times I'd walk away from my own self if I could!!)

We need to understand that it's incredibly important to take some time for ourselves every day. It may only be 15 minutes, but that 15 minutes will change our day completely.

I'm not talking about the time you take with God....that's God's time.

I'm not talking about the time you spend while waiting on little Suzie after school, or little Johnny after soccer practice...that time is focused on little Suzie or little Johnny and what you need to do once you pick them up.

I'm not talking about the time you spend sitting in the Dr's office or waiting in line or anything like that.

I'm talking about 15 or even 30 minutes a day that you spend on you.

In 15 minutes you can enjoy your favorite drink (oh, yes, iced green tea with raspberry!!) and read a book or look through your favorite magazine.

In 15 minutes you can take a walk or just sit on the porch and enjoy the quiet.

In 15 minutes you can put your feet up and just lay your head back and close your eyes and be silent.

When can you do this?? It depends on your schedule, but I know that if we try hard enough, we can find just 15 minutes.

After just that few minutes you're able to regroup, take a breath and see things a little more clearly. You will notice the change in you and so will your family.

So, are you willing to Try It??

We spend so much time lovin' on others, spend a little time this week lovin' on yourself and let me know what happens!!

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momstheword said...

I totally agree. I always take a book in the car with me in case I do have to wait.

Taking that time is totally important but like you said, never at the risk of our quiet time. Having that time with the Lord is so important and gives us the strength to get thru the day!