Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Like God

She walked in the kitchen and looked around. Had it only been a couple of hours since she'd finished the dishes and swept the floor?

Looking at the counter covered in cheese wrappers and bread crumbs, it was hard to remember.

The griddle was still sitting on the counter along with half a dozen dirty plates.

Open chip bags along with an almost empty loaf of bread and open tub of butter confirmed the fact that teenagers had been present in that kitchen.....

She woke up tired that morning. Wishing she could sleep in, she slowly got out of the bed and began getting ready for church.

It wasn't that she didn't want to go to church--just the opposite..she needed the food that God would feed her through the message and the music--it was just one of those mornings that she wished she could go in her pajamas.

It had been a late night getting to sleep and she realized now that in many ways, having teenagers was no different than having tiny are still sleep deprived. Maybe that just comes along with being a parent....

An hour later found her and her family heading out the door for the 2 mile drive to church. She found herself thinking that back in the Little House days, they'd have walked that 2 miles, but now.......

As normal, God spoke to her weary heart that morning. There is much truth in the statement that you can only get out of something what you're willing to put into it.

Still physically tired, but spiritually full, she was looking forward to eating a small bite at home and then catching a nap on the couch for a couple of hours.

In the parking lot, only a couple of steps from her car, she was suddenly surrounded by 6 teenage boys..only one of them belonged to her.....

"Hey mom! Can B, S, R, J & D come over this afternoon??"

Oh how she hated to turn her son down. He'd always been able to charm her into doing pretty much anything.

"Now? Today?" Couldn't he see how tired she was? Didn't he remember the late night family meeting they had to have last night?

"Yeah! B & S have no where to go and D's grandma has to run an errand....and I just want R & J to hang out to!! Is it okay?"

Why is it that every time one of your kids want you to say yes, they always make sure their buddies are hanging around??

How do you say no to 12 eyes pleading for you to say yes?

"Sure. I guess it's okay.." What!! Did that just come out of her mouth??

A collective YES!! went up from the crowd along with a lot of high fives and then teenagers scattering to various cars heading toward her house.

Nap??? Yeah.....

As she and her husband pulled into their driveway, she couldn't help but think their driveway now looked like a used car lot. Even before getting out of the car the could hear the house thumping.....she couldn't understand the words, but she knew the surround sound in her son's room was at full volume.

DD and her boyfriend had decided that they would just go out for kids...

Walking in the back door she found 12 shoes of various sizes and styles...look for the least they pulled their shoes off at the door.

She and DH changed and came back to the kitchen only to find the frig door standing open and a couple of guys trying to decide what soda to drink. One grabs a bag of chips and their son becomes the spokesman of the group wanting to know what was for lunch.

What do you feed 5 unexpected teenage boys? doesn't much matter..just as long as you feed them and you do it quickly.

She shooed them out of the kitchen and then she and DH decided that soup and grilled cheese sandwiches would handle the crowd.

Her hubby started opening the soup while she heated the griddle and buttered the bread.

Working together, it wasn't long before the soup was hot and 24 grilled cheese sandwiches were ready to eat.

Calling the boys in for prayer, they blessed the food and she excused herself while the feeding frenzy was in progress.

Only moments later she came back to the kitchen to find a wide-eyed husband desperately holding on to 3 sandwiches. With a look of utter fear on his face he presented the grilled cheese sandwiches to her and said, "I almost lost a hand trying to save these for us..."

She lost it!! Laughing until her tummy hurt and her jaws were sore. That's what she loved about this man...he knew exactly how to lift her spirits and make her smile.

Only minutes later the boys filtered back in, thanking them for the food and heading back to DS's room for more Rock Band. They shut the bedroom door, but it didn't do much good. She didn't think there was a way to contain that much noise....

She and her hubby finished their lunch and he headed toward the kitchen to help her clean it up. After a little insisting though, she convinced him to go relax on the couch and read the paper. He worked so hard and his job was so stressful, she wanted to make sure that he got the rest he so deserved.

Now..standing in the kitchen, looking at those cheese wrappers and that open bread and chips..she fought a battle. Part of her wanted to be so angry. How come her son didn't pick up on how tired she was? How come those boys didn't at least offer to help clean the kitchen back up? After all...they were a little unexpected weren't they??

But the other part of her was thankful for answered prayer. She always wanted to live in the house where the teenagers wanted to hang out. She wanted to be the cool mom. That had happened. God had answered her prayers. How could she be angry?

She began cleaning the kitchen and before long, joined her hubby on the couch to read the paper.

In only moments she felt her eyes begin to close and she just leaned her head back.

The house was still thumping and the laughter was loud, but amazingly..she got a nap. God provided.

And isn't that just like God?


Proverbs 27:19 said...

Hi Deb! You are my chosen friend for today to receive a gift!

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Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I came over to read your Thankful Thursday (and I did) but i LOVED this post!! Thank you!!

Buildeth Her House said...

Awww what a great post! That is just like God to give you the desires of your heart.