Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brewed Water's taken me over 24 hours to decide to share my latest embarrassing story with you. Hope it makes you smile and laugh with me--not at me--okay, you can laugh at me..just a little...

DH loves his morning coffee..and his middle of the day coffee..and his afternoon coffee...and his anywhere in between coffee...oh let's be honest...HE LOVES COFFEE!!!...and he won't let me throw a drop out. If he doesn't finish a pot up, he just reheats it in the microwave.

Me, I don't like coffee, so I just do what he wants..

Anyway, yesterday morning, I put the last cup of coffee from the pot in the microwave. Since it was lightly raining, I knew DH would be driving his car to work instead of his motorcycle, so he'd want a cup to go.

I cleaned out the coffee filter and rinsed out the pot.

I refilled the pot with water and poured it in the coffee maker and turned it on.

I turned on the morning news, watched the weather report and went in the kitchen, turned on the microwave to heat up the leftover coffee and then went in our bedroom to wake up DH.

The microwave dings and I get his coffee and add sugar and creamer, stir and take it in the living room where DH is now watching the news.

A little conversation later and it's time for him to leave for work.

He sets his cup on the kitchen island and goes in to put on his badge and tools and what-not while I get ready to fix his to-go cup of coffee.

Imagine my surprise--and embarrassment- when I look at the pot and realize that I've just brewed the most awesome pot of water you've ever seen!!!!

In my still-asleep-state, I forgot to add coffee grounds to the filter!!!!

Oh yes, even the most dedicated wife has her moments.....

After my confession, my ever dramatic hubby grabs his coffee cup with both hands, turns it up and starts sucking on it like it was his last chance to ever have coffee again--he puts the cup down, grabs the counter and looks at me with mischievous eyes and says..."Maybe I can make it.."

I felt like drop kicking him to his car--not really--he just grabbed me up and we had a very good laugh, which was a great way to start our day.

Of course, think of the money we'd save if he'd just learn to drink brewed water!!!


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momstheword said...

Hahahaha! My hubby has done that before. Once he even forgot to set the carafe under there and the coffee went all over the counter and spilled all over the floor. That was a messy one!