Friday, February 13, 2009

Our First Love/At the Cafe

With Valentine's Day being tomorrow, I hope each of you have already decided what to do for DH. I always buy a card that says somewhat of what I'd like it to, but then I always add something to it to make it personal.

Of course I always buy him some candy..DH loves him some candy...especially if it has caramel in it!!

Over at the Internet Cafe today, they are talking about Our First Love.

The subject of our first "earthly" love was brought up.

My first earthly love was a little blond headed boy in kindergarten. He was smaller than me in every way, but he had the prettiest white hair I'd ever seen in my life!! Of course we walked the same street to school and it wasn't long before we were holding hands while we walked to school. Other kids picked on him because he was so tiny, but that didn't stop me. I just loved that hair!!..... forward to 1983..a time when I didn't even know Jesus, but He decided to bless me anyway. He sent me the most awesome, loving, patient, giving, patient, gentle, patient, caring, patient, man I know. Yes, my Father knew I had to have a patient man.. We have been married over 25 wonderful years and I can't imagine my life without this incredible man of God by my side.

But the Cafe got to the heart of the matter....our TRUE First Love..Jesus.

He loved us so much that He left Heaven to live on this earth, endure pain and suffering beyond anything we could even try to comprehend and died a death that should have been ours, overcame death and rose again..all so we could live with Him forever. about TRUE love....

The questions the Cafe posed were this:

1. What valuable lessons have you learned through earthly love relationships?

For me, it would be that my DH can't possibly fill every need I have. In the past, I've put that pressure on him, and he would try...oh, would he try, to meet every need and want I had. But, like me, he's human, and at his absolute very best, he can't fulfill everything I need. Over time, God has shown me and grown me and made me realize that the only One Who can fulfill every Him.
One other thing would be that loving someone means putting them before myself. If you love someone, you can't be selfish, there's no room for that. Someone once gave me an acronym I'd like to share...


2. If you wrote a letter to God today, what would it say?

Oh wow....It would most certainly start off with me telling Him how awesome He is. How thankful I am for what He did for me on Calvary and that I know He would have still done it, even if I'd been the only one. I would tell Him how much I love Him, confess to Him that I've failed in showing/telling others about Him like I should. He knows me inside and out and flowery foo-foo doesn't cut it for Him. I'd have to be real and I'm sure in being real with Him, He would show me and promise to be there for me in those things I need to improve for Him.

3. Are you in danger of allowing your love for Jesus to grow cold, as the Ephesians did? If so, what could you do today to remember and re-focus your love?

I think we're all in danger of that. If we don't maintain a close love-relationship with Jesus, it's bound to get cold. At this point in my life, I believe that I'm striving harder than I ever have to grow my love for Him. It seems as if every day I live, I just want more of Him. I want to be more faithful and loving to Him. I want others to know that this Jesus that I love, loves me and loves them too.
On the days when I find myself putting Him on a back burner and letting every tiny thing in this world come before Him, I'm learning that I have to stop and spend time in His Word, stop and pray, put in some praise and worship something..anything that will get my focus back where it should be...

On my first True Love....


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