Friday, February 27, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!!

Today I join up with Katy Lin over at The Great Adventure to tell you why My Husband Rocks.

Each Friday, she gives us a chance to share why our DH's are just the biggest blessings in our world.

I'm going to go back in time. 1997. I was a SAHM with a child in kindergarten and a 4year old at home. We lived in a very small house, finances were tight, but we were so content and happy!

I noticed around the end of January that I was having some pretty intense pain in my left hip and going down my left leg. It wasn't continuous, but when it really hurt!!!

As the weeks progressed, the pain worsened and lasted longer.

By mid-March, I was in constant pain--nothing would bring relief--and I was starting to lean to the right..I couldn't stand up straight.

I went to a chiropractor who tried to help, but everything he did couldn't lessen the pain and the fact that I was leaning more to the right.

Somewhere around the 5th of April, I bent over to tie my shoe and heard something that sounded like a gun shot going off inside me and then..I couldn't straighten up.

MRI's and visits to a neurologist confirmed that I'd ruptured a disc in my back and would need surgery.

My DH became absolutely everything to me!!!

Prior to surgery I couldn't bend over because it made the pain more intense than it already was. So DH would help me take my bath...washing my feet and legs because I couldn't reach them. He would shave my legs because I couldn't bend. I remember him being so nervous about shaving my legs because he was so afraid he was going to nick me. He never did.

He would help me get dressed because I couldn't bend to put my pants on and he even helped me put on pantyhose when it was time for church.

After surgery, he had to do those things and more because I wasn't allowed to bend for 8 weeks!!

I remember tears rolling down my face as he did these things because I was so humbled to be blessed with a man who loved me so much and was willing to do for me what I couldn't do for myself. He was completely selfless.

He was still holding down his job, coming home and stepping into the role of Mr. Mom.

He would fill sippy cups and line them up in the frig for 4 year old DS, and make sure DS had plenty of snacks within a 4 year old's reach.

He would help DD get ready for school (we did public school for 2 years) making sure she had her clothes ready along with hair ribbons and her backpack.

The amazing thing...this man never complained. He stepped up and became absolutely everything for our family.

He showed me the meaning of true love and he also showed me that as we grow old together and things become harder to do, that I don't have to worry...he's going to be by my side no matter what.

Does my husband rock or what??!!!!


Beth in NC said...

Oh my goodness, the pain! I can't imagine. You poor thing!

God bless your husband for being such a helper!


Kerri said...

Yes he rocks, but of course I knew that before I read this post! To Deb's followers who don't know her husband personally, he really truly is an AWESOME guy. She is not just filling blog space! :-) (Of course I think SHE is rocks too, BTW...)

Katy Lin :) said...

oh. my. word. this brings tears to my eyes! what a trying time, but what precious memories and displays of love and selfessness!!! :) welcome to MHR Fridays!!! i will have you blogrolled momentarily :)

momstheword said...

What a sweet man you have. That is love and faithfulness in action!