Friday, February 12, 2010

Would Love Your Thoughts on This..

I was on Facebook this morning and noticed a post from my friend Kristen over at Hands, House and Heart Full. She was sharing about a billboard that was going up in Northwest Arkansas. This billboard is a venture by PETA to make everyone aware of the need to spay and neuter their dogs by comparing the "multiplying Duggars" to the multiplying dogs.

Click on this link to view the billboard and read the article.

First let me tell you that you won't find a bigger animal lover than me...and yes, I do think it's important to spay, neuter and care for your pets.

Second, we only have two children by choice....however, as I've matured in the Lord, I'm not so sure that was the wisest or right choice, but since you don't get do-overs, then this becomes something between me and God.

Third, I admire anyone who has the faith to allow God to determine the size of their families. Be it by birth, adoption or taking in elderly parents or however God decides to grow your family.

To my knowledge, the Duggars are debt-free and self supporting. I'm pretty sure that no one, including our government is supporting them.

Now, finally, what do you think about this billboard??


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You want my opinion? I think that is offensive and I wouldn't be surprised if the Duggars did something about it legally. They shouldn't use their name like that, especially when it is comparing their family to a bunch of cats and dogs. I mean REALLY!

Oh, that makes me hot under the collar. I thought I had heard it all when it came to the size of a large family, but this is above and beyond RUDE!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

Someone tweeted about it the other day and I looked at it...and couldn't believe it. I had to take some time to mull it over...I was downright angry. I didn't get much response via twitter when I asked...but I'm going to check my FB now. I did actually tweet something that I later deleted because the more I thought about it the angrier I became. PETA is known for being extreme...but they really took it too far this time.

Shelly said...

That is just offensive. Comparing the Duggars to dogs or cats and implying that Michelle should be spayed is just downright rude! I hope the Duggars are able to do something about it.

Civilla said...

That's terribly mean -- and from their own state, too! I mean, the Duggars care for their own family. It is cruel to compare them to cats and dogs. They should do something about that legally. That would make me cry if I were them. I chose to have only 2 children, and am content with that -- I think that is our freedom in Christ -- but I think people should have as many children as they want. That billboard is just plain mean and offensive.

Sandy said...

Hmmm. First, let me say that I am most definitely NOT a fan of PETA. As a matter of fact, I am opposed to most of what they support and/or believe. But in trying to look at this sign "objectively," I have to admit that PETA is not exactly CRITICIZING the Duggars in this ad. They are just using the Duggars' "fertility" as a comparison--to show how quickly dogs reproduce. Will they achieve their objective of drawing attention to the pet overpopulation? Probably. The Duggars have caught America's attention, and people are either very supportive or very opposed. Either way, it will catch their attention, and they will understand PETA's message about dogs. Now, do I think the sign is tacky and unkind? Yes. I would like to know what the Duggars' response is. My guess is that they will ignore it.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is unbelievable offensive and sad at the same time, but it doesn't surprise me at all. I saw a bumper stick the other day that said, "Thank you for not breeding". My chin hit the steering wheel. How typical of this culture to reject the blessing of children because it means they can't live for themselves alone. It's just so sad, especially for those of us who would like more, but it just isn't happening. Urgghhh!