Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At the Well

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Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

You will never believe what happened to me yesterday afternoon!...It's kind of gross and yucky and I'll be back a little later today to let you know what it was, but for now you can hang out with me At the Well, where I'm sharing "Organizing at a Snail's Pace".

See you there!!!!


Andrea said...

Praying you have a wonderfully blessed week.
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post so much!! Thank you for this inspiring message. And, please pray for me as I've just found out that my company will be closing its door in a few short weeks. I'm believing and acting in faith for work at home. I truly appreciate your prayers, Rebecca

Dotwigg said...

That was an awesome post and so timely. Wish you were closer and I could help, for less than $100.00, be creative on what you can use to organize your stuff in. I had the same "encouragement" to get it done, the effect on my husband and son who just have to have everything organized and in it's place and it needed to be quick and maintainable. check out my blog http://uniquelyorganizedandutilized.blogspot.com I am the queen of alternatives.

Praying for you and thanks for sharing it was very encouraging to not be alone, and I love how you highlighted the postive side of the issue.

Best Wishes,