Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Exciting (?)....Adventure?????

As promised, here is what happened to me yesterday afternoon-----it's a bit gross and I've included two pictures that, while not totally gross, might not be good for the really squeamish...you have been warned........ :o)

It was a typical day of housecleaning. Nothing out of the ordinary, just catching up from the weekend. The tables in my livingroom are glass and so I had my handy bottle of glass cleaner and some paper towels and was busy cleaning those tabletops. When I turned from the coffee table, I noticed my front door (which is also glass) and decided, "Hey! I'll clean that while I'm at it." So I did.

When I finished with that, I noticed smudges on the outside of the door, so I decided, "Hey! I'll clean the outside of the door." Now, the door is a new door and the facing around the door hasn't been completed yet, so there is bare wood showing in places. Our house is older and so we are remodeling it a little at a time. I've cleaned the outside of this door more times than I can remember in the last several months with nooooo problems....until yesterday.

I'm wiping the glass and wiping the glass when all of a sudden I feel a slight pain in my right arm.

I look down to see a piece of wood sticking out of my arm!!! This piece of wood is deep, about 6 inches long and blood is gushing and spurting from my arm!!!!!

Let me take a moment here to say, I typically don't panic. I do really well in stressful situations and the sight of blood, even my own, doesn't really get to me, but.....

My knee-jerk reaction was, get this honkin' huge piece of wood out of my arm!!! So I snatched that puppy right out of my arm and then---have you watched those ER shows on TLC where blood is spurting out with every beat of the pulse??? Yep, that was happening to me and believe me, blood was going all over my front porch..everywhere!! My next thought was, "That could have been a bad idea..."

The only thing I had in to put over that spurting blood, was the paper towels I'd been cleaning with so I covered my arm with them and went in the house screaming at my son who was getting out of the shower, "ZACK!!! I NEED YOU NOW!!!!!" He comes flying out of the bathroom, cause he knows something is wrong...Mom doesn't normally talk like that.

By this time I'm in the kitchen and I'm telling DS to roll me off some more paper towel. He still doesn't know what the deal is until I remove the now saturated towels from my arm and blood is still doing the pumping thing out of my arm. A small panic from him and a call to his dad then finds me in the car being driven to the clinic about 6 miles from my house.

Oh, yes....I'm in a mess, but strangely no pain.

The result??

I had nicked an artery and after cleaning and accessing my wound, the stick went about an inch deep. I got a tetanus shot, antibiotics and three stitches.

Who says life is boring??????


Parsley said...

Wow! I'm so sorry. Who would have thought cleaning would be so dangerous?! An artery...there? I wouldn't have known. Hope you heal up quickly.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

This same thing happened to my stepmom. It was yucky!

Glad you are OK!

Andrea said...

Yikes....glad you are okay. Hugs, andrea

Joyfull said...

What an adventure from simply cleaning glass! The spurting must have been really scary. Glad that you are ok!

Bevy said...

That's amazing!! no pain, going in?

Glad you're okay... take it easy.

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Oh, my word! So glad you got help quickly & are okay!!!

Ax Lady said...

Yikes!! I can't even imagine! Although I'm laughing at the "That might have been a bad idea" part...awesome. I'm glad you're okay.

Came over from At The Well, and I'm glad I did. I'll be visiting often!

Anonymous said...

I would have passed out before even being able to call for help! Glad you are okay!

Shelly said...

YOUCH! So glad you are ok!

Kristen said...

Wow! Next time my hubby asks why I haven't cleaned the front door lately I'll refer him to your blog! ;-) My brother actually had a similar enough experience when we were younger...and I was there to witness it all! That spurting blood every time your heart beats thing is weird...and messy! I'm glad you're OK though.

mamabear said...

I wanted to pop over and say thank you for your post At The Well re organizing. It really blessed me!

So sorry about your arm! Scary!

Melly said...

I'm thankful that I came across your blog via your devotional that gets sent to my email from "At The Well". Even though I'm not married I was so blessed, I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful man of God and I want to be the best of who God created me to be, I believe that includes being a wife and mother in His timing.
I'm sorry to hear that you hurt yourself whilst cleaning. I'm glad that all turned out well and I pray you heal quickly.

God bless you and yours.