Friday, February 19, 2010

Studying...Created to be His Help Meet

We are studying the book by Debi Pearl, Created to be His Help Meet. Through our study of this book, we are going to learn what it means to be a help meet and actually living the role that God created us as women to fill. I've read this book once before and applied many of the things that Mrs. Pearl spoke of, and it has transformed an already good marriage into nothing short of awesome!! I encourage you to purchase this book and follow along or at the very least, check out the Pearl's website at

Any text taken directly from Mrs. Pearl's book will be highlighted in blue.

I realize that in studying Created to be His Help Meet at the rate of one chapter per week, we will be doing this study for approximately 24 weeks. We could go at this at a much faster rate, but I believe that if we truly want to change and fill our God given rolls as help meet to our husbands, then we need to take things slower and put into practice what we are learning. I hope you agree and stay the course with me as we become better help meets together.

Part 2: Titus 2

Chapter 20: Keepers at Home

This could be a controversial chapter except for the fact of God's Word. We can sit and debate all day long whether or not a wife should work outside the home or not, but I'm not willing to debate. God's Word is not debatable. It is fact.

Apart from Titus 2:4, we are also given 1 Timothy 5:14 "I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully." KJV, emphasis mine

According to this verse, it is God's will for a young woman to guide her home. She can't do that job completely if her time is divided between the house and working a job away from home.

I found it interesting that Mrs. Pearl points out there is a difference in being a stay at home wife/mom and a keeper of the home. Anyone can stay at home, but a keeper of the home has a heart for the home. She will guard it and protect it and those who live inside it. Her body and mind will be about keeping the home.

As a keeper at home, we have to be so careful to make sure that we don't fall prey to those awful time stealers: telephone, television, computer (ouch!!), reading books...anything that will take our valuable time and make it idle time.

I am aware that some men insist that their wife work outside the home. What to do when God is willing you to be a keeper of your home, but He has also commanded you to be obedient to your husband.

Mrs. Pearl suggests these things:

* Keep a right attitude. If you have a true heart to be obedient to God and to your husband, God knows this and will make a way to resolve this conflict

* Express your concern to your husband and show him Scripture that shows God's will for your life

* Ask your husband is there a way for you to stay at home and earn some income

* Show your husband that you are serious about living on only his paycheck. Do this by shopping at yard sales and thrift stores. Don't buy around for good used whatever it is, big or small. Don't complain about wanting this or wishing for that. Show your husband that your heart is sincere about keeping your home.

I have to believe that if our husbands saw our sincerity in staying home through how hard we work to stretch their paychecks and finding a purpose for almost everything instead of throwing it out, they would be more encouraged that their wife truly is their help meet.

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