Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thomas Nelson Book Review....Fresh Start

I am very excited to be doing reviews for Thomas Nelson Publishing!! For an avid reader, this is a great opportunity and a huge blessing!

I want to share the book Fresh Start by Doug Fields.

I knew just from the title that this book was for me, and I’d venture to say, many of you as well. Have you ever just found yourself always taking two steps forward and one step back? Have you ever tried and tried to stop a bad habit only to fail miserably? Have you ever just wanted to start over?

I have, and in this book Doug Fields gives us the tools to do just that....make a Fresh Start, Jesus’ way.

Doug allows us to be real with ourselves in deciding it we truly do want to make a permanent change in our lives.

Do we want to be free from guilt, anger, hurt...our past..?

In each chapter, he shows us how to confront the issue and then he takes us to God’s Word to show us how to move forward in Him to freedom.

While Fresh Start is very encouraging and helpful, for me, I found it a read that was hard to stay focused on. As an older Christian, Doug just reaffirmed what I should be doing along, trusting Christ and allowing Him to give me the ability to start over when I’ve messed up–when I’ve walked away from His best for me.

For someone who is unsaved or a new Christian, this book would be a perfect resource in directing you to the One Who can make all things new and give you a Fresh Start.

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