Saturday, October 31, 2009

Psalm Saturday

Time to join my friend Collette again over at Jesus Loves Mums for Psalm Saturday.
Join us this week as we share how something in the Psalms spoke to us.....

I found this verse while reading a few weeks ago, wrote it down on a piece of paper intending to do a Psalm Saturday post that week with it. For whatever reason at the time, I didn't use it, didn't think anymore about it.

While going through some things today, I found the Scripture and looked it up again. I realize now that I didn't post it previous because it wasn't time.

Now is time:

"O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies! Where is there anyone as mighty as You, O Lord? You are entirely faithful."
Psalm 89:8, NLT

I have found myself in a bit of a Jacob situation over the last several months. Not fighting an angel, but fighting God. Trying to get Him to do things my way on my time with no requirement of myself. Kind of a 'if You'll do this, I'll do that' type of thing. Guess what I've learned?

God isn't in the bargaining business.

Now, I knew that and I knew it well, but I had allowed satan to creep in and convince me that if God truly had my best at heart, He wouldn't have a problem meeting my request.....(demands). Oh, how he had me deceived!!!

But glory to God He didn't give up or walk away!! He proved faithful, mighty and strong.....victorious!!!!!! He got my attention..finally...and was able to show me it's not about bargains or compromise, it's about faithfulness...MY faithfulness to Him..nothing less.

Praise to Him Who loves me just as I am but refuses to leave me that way!!!!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Love this verse and how you have learned about yourself!
Love Collette xxx

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

God is so amazing!