Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Dust Buster...My Friend...

Normally I only do one post per day, but in light of my Tips and Quips today, I had to share one thing in my home that I honestly don't think I could live without.....

My Black and Decker Dust Buster!!!

I worry a little about myself, simply because when it comes to my Dust Buster, I sound like my husband when he gets a new toy from the hardware store...but this handy little vacuum is awesome!!

I don't know about anyone else, but have you ever noticed this? You sweep your floors. They look so nice and clean and all you have left to do is sweep that little pile of dirt into your dust pan. Sweep, sweep...pick up the dust pan and there's that little line of dirt that just won't make it into the dust pan. No matter how hard you press down on that dust pan and broom, that little dirt line isn't going in!!! I've just swept my floor. Who wants to look at a little line of dirt or worse yet...sweep it to a corner, under a rug... Drives me nuts!

Enter the reason I bought my dust buster. First of all, it was very easy on my budget. I only paid a little over $18, tax and all. If you'd like to check out other reviews on the Best Vacuum Cleaners, click on the highlighted link. DH mounted it by my garbage can in the kitchen so it is very handy when I need it.

It is very powerful. We have an indoor cat and while she is excellent at using the litter box, she doesn't do such a great job of keeping the litter in the box. Once she jumps out, you can follow her by the trail of litter. I just grab my Dust Buster and suck that litter right off the floor! Mess all gone!

Speaking of Miss Kitty.....she is also a hairy little (???) creature and my Dust Buster also has two attachment that clip right on it. One of those is a brush and it gets every little bit of cat hair off the furniture in no time flat! I use the crevice attachment to get in those corners and I also use it to get the dirt out of my window seals....so much easier to handle than my full size vacuum cleaner!!

I've had my Black and Decker Dust Buster for over two years now. It is used everyday, many times a day and it is still going strong. There is no doubt that whenever my Dust Buster decides to retire itself, I'll replace it with the very same brand. I'm that pleased with it!!

Oh...and that little line of dust pan dirt.....nothing but a memory. Of course, I have an unemployed dust pan in need of a job. Anyone hiring??.........:o)

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