Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Invasion of the Cucumbers!!

I am being invaded by cucumbers!!!!!! Somebody help me!!!

There are cucumbers on my counters. There are cucumbers in my frig. The breakroom where DH works is being invaded by cucumbers. My neighbors homes are being taken over by cucumbers!!!

When people see me at church they begin to scream and run in the opposite direction....okay...maybe that is a weeee bit exaggerated........

Seriously though, our garden is in the business this year of mass producing cucumbers.

I've made pickles. I've made bread. I've fried them and ate them in salads and on sandwiches. I'm being cucumbered to death!!!!!!

So....can you give me some more ideas for these cucumbers?

I really love my neighbors and my church family and I don't want them to live in perpetual fear of running into me and my cucumber posse`.

Help me...pleeaassee.......... :o)

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Beth in NC said...

Ha, I'm one of the people running and screaming! My SIL planted 4 rows by mistake and I have a huge bag of overgrown cucumbers on my counter now. lol

I don't know what else you can possibly do with them. Take them to a homeless shelter?

Hope you're doing well!