Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Dirty Pool Water

On Wednesdays, I've been doing a post on Our Story..the story of mine and DH's growing up years and how God, in His awesomeness, brought us together. Today I won't be doing that. With the events of the week and just life-stuff in general, I haven't taken the time to talk with DH about one of his memories (I'm trying to do this as chronological as possible) at a certain age in his life. So....God being my helper, I'll have an Our Story post ready for next Wednesday. To read past Our Story posts, click on the Our Story label in the left hand column.

Here in the deep south, it's time to open up those pools and start swimming! The heat and humidity are going to be hovering around 90 at my house today, so the pool is going to be a huge blessing.

But right now, I'm a little frustrated at my pool.

It's milky looking. I don't know why.

We've cleaned and chlorinated. We've algecided and stabilized. We've baking sodaed and vacuumed...but it's still not crystal clear...and that bugs me.

Oh, it's much better than it was when we opened it. Our pool cover had gotten torn with all the spring storms we had and so a lot of winter's debris had found it's way in. When that pool cover came off.......well, have you ever wondered where Swamp Thing came from??? Yep. Our pool.

So..from that view point, things are much better. At least I'm not afraid of mutating into something else if I get in the water!

DS doesn't have to work until this evening and he wants us to get in the pool this afternoon and that's great!! Spending time with DS is something I absolutely LOVE to do!! But in my mind, it's bugging me to death about this milky looking water.

I found myself thinking about this water this morning and about the conversation that DH and I had just a couple of days ago.

DH: "If the added stabilizer and chlorine doesn't work, we may just opt to empty the pool and start fresh."

Me: groaning....."I hate the idea of emptying the pool. We've already put, like a million dollars worth of chemicals in it...and to waste all of that water."

DH: " A million dollars??..."

Me: " ....Well, a least a hundred."

DH: "I realize that. But if we can't get it cleared up, then we'll need to empty the dirty water and fill it with fresh. I hate looking at that cloudy water."

God has used that conversation and our cloudy pool water to make a point to me.

I'm like our pool.

There was a point in time when I was empty. I needed filled.

The Holy Spirit came down and filled me with His crystal clear Spirit and made me beautiful on the inside. I was fresh and clean.

Time began passing and slowly little things fell into my pool. Anger, bitterness, envy, hatefulness. My temper would grow short and I would lash out at those I love the most.

When a little of this and a little of that began falling into my pool, instead of grabbing my net (my Bible) and scooping out the debris, and getting hold of my chemicals (the Holy Spirit) to freshen the water and keep it clear, I ignored it.

"Oh, it's not too much. Just some sand blown in by the wind", (a few small sins).

Or, "Oh, it's just a couple leaves that fell off the trees", ( some bigger sins).

I let time go by until the water had become so dark and nasty that I gave up on it.

"What does it matter? I'll worry about it in the spring."

Spring time came and I try to get the water clear....cheaply.

Just a little time spent vacuuming. The stabilizer level is "okay"....could use some more, but we can probably make do. I think 4 packs of shock will do (even though the amount of water we have calls for 8).

Yes, these things have worked. The water is no longer green and nasty. You can stand to look at it and even get in it...but it's just not crystal clear. It's not like it was intended to be.

When you're looking at it or in still feel......dirty. Not refreshed.

That's what I catch myself doing with God.

Okay. I've let myself go. I've dropped the ball. I've been lazy in my prayer life and in my quiet time and it shows. I'm all nasty on the inside. So, okay. I pray..a little. I read my Bible...a little.
There's conviction and confession, but I haven't allowed the Holy Spirit to completely clean me. I haven't allowed Him to give me everything He's got to make me crystal clear and pleasant to look be around.

I've got to give up everything and allow the Holy Spirit to refill me...refresh me.. make me crystal clear again. Drain me of all the nastiness that has accumulated over time.

Start over.

Just like our pool.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me." Psalm 51:10, NLT


Pam D said...

Hmm.. I think I'm at that point, too. In need of a total renewal instead of just a patchwork cleaning. Any ideas on where to start?

mom-2-4 said...

Wow- what a blessing! I'm so glad to be following your blog- otherwise I would've missed such a great post! And the pool analogy was perfect! It reminds me about that verse in the Bible: "a little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump". Just a little sin, added to another little sin, added to another can make a big mess. So we need to clean out the leaven daily- cause if we don't we'll end up like the pool. What a great reminder!
Thanks for sharing!!

Kris said...

I found you via your guest post today on internet cafe devotions....I'm now following. Thank you so much!