Monday, June 15, 2009

God is All Powerful!!...Literally

Wow!!! What a 24 hours it's been!!

Yesterday morning we left for church as usual. It was a little cloudy outside, but nothing out of the ordinary for the deep south in late spring.

Around 10:30, during Sunday school, it got so dark outside that it could have passed for 2 in the morning!!! The wind started blowing really hard and the rain began to fall---in sheets!!

The electricity flickered several times and then....all went dark!

Thankfully there is a window in our classroom, so even though it was stormy outside, a little light was provided.

We were able to finish with Sunday school, and our pastor preached by flashlight.

Isn't it great that no matter our situation, the Holy Spirit will always show up if you allow Him?!

By the time services was over, so was the storm, but the electricity was still out.

We decide to go get something to eat in town. Since we only live 2 miles from church, our electricity was out as well.

All the way to town we saw downed trees, downed power lines and power trucks everywhere. This was a big deal and it looked like we'd be without power for quite a while.

By evening, the electricity was still out on our end of the road, so we decided to go to church with my friend R. It was an awesome service and once again, the Holy Spirit filled the place!! It was fantastic!!

Back at our house we notice the neighbors have electricity and we notice our meter is back on. electricity in the house.

DH begins checking things out and our main breaker to the house is shot. It's past 8 o'clock on a Sunday chance of getting a breaker tonight.

Oh big deal...we've been without power before and what's one night?? late spring, in the deep's a big deal.

It quickly became hot and humid inside and so we got cold showers and decided the best thing to do was hit the bed.

We were up early and DH began the search for a main breaker. Should have been as easy as going to Home Depot or one of the electrical supply companies around town, right???

Should. Have. Been.

No one in our entire county had a main breaker for our house. Why?? Because our house is old..(SMILE Leslie!!!)...and everything in it is obsolete.

Finally, our friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware man tells us he can order it and have it in after 2 pm....TOMORROW!!!!!!

Okay. Tomorrow is way better than buying a new electric panel.....but has anyone noticed that it's only 10 am and it's already 85ยบ with 70% humidity???!!!!

This is not sounding good.

DH tells our friendly hardware man to go ahead and order the breaker.

We continue looking in the phone book and DH sees a hardware dealer we haven't checked out.

DH calls the store.

DH: "I have a so&so&so main breaker. Do you have one available?"

Man: "Sure do. Come on down here and we'll fix you up!"

DH: "Thanks! I'm on my way!!"

Cheers!! Clapping!! Relief!! A main breaker has been found!!!

1 hour later and incredibly angry DH rides up on his motorcycle....empty handed.

The guy did not have a main breaker at all!!!! Okay---I'm going to allow you in on one of my pet peeves----if you are going to work a job, please be competent on that job. Please!!!! Obviously not everyone got the memo........

DH goes on to tell me that while he was in the hardware store, he'd been clicking the breaker switch back and forth, back and forth......and it stayed!!!!

Now, DD and I had been at home praying that DH would bring home a working breaker for our house.

Carefully DH put the old breaker back in and all praise and glory to God!!!!!!!!!! We have electricity!!!!

We are still going to buy the breaker from the friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware man to have on hand because---(as Leslie knows :o), this happen again!!!!

So, I just want to thank God for taking care of His children and being ALL powerful!!! Why we were given this test, only He knows right now. But one thing is for certain, my house is cool all because of Him!!!!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Wow Deb what a crazy 24 hours indeed!
It certainly sounds like quite an adventure but isn't it fantastic that in all the adversity you still focused on God!
Collette x

momstheword said...

Wow, 85 at 10 in the morning! That's hot!

We had our power go out this winter. It was so cold! When we got to the church there wasn't any power either but we had church anyway (by the light of the windows).

People just brought extra blankets and we all wrapped up and tried to keep warm!

Due to the snow on the ground there weren't very many people there anyway, but it was all nice and cozy!

Kris said...

Wow...praise God it was only late spring and not late summer lol...sounds like a crazy 24 hrs. for sure!!