Monday, June 29, 2009

Making a Memory

After church yesterday morning, we decided to go get a bite to eat. Now, we don't go out to eat after church that often, but it was just one of those days that we all decided we wanted a burger (and I didn't want to cook!)

We drove into town and pulled in at our favorite fast food joint only to find the place packed!! The drive through was backed up and the restaurant was full, but we were so hungry we were going to brave the crowd and just wait.

As we pulled into a parking space, I noticed the car next to us had a Tennessee tag.

Me: "Hey! They're from Tennessee." ( We love Tennessee!!!)

DD: (jokingly) "Since they're eating in Alabama and live in Tennessee, we should drive up to Tennessee for lunch."

At that moment, DH puts the car in reverse and before I knew it, we were on the interstate headed towards Tennessee!!!!!!

While DH loves to surprise his family, spontaneity isn't his strong point...besides, it takes about 2½ hours to get to Tennessee!!!

Our two teenagers start cheering and an afternoon of laughter, smiles and music began.

We did stop quickly at Walgreens for some drinks and chips to eat on the way, but other than that, it was up there to eat and then just driving back home.

We got a chance to talk, sing some praise and worship songs together (even DH joined in on the few contemporary songs he knew). We were able to laugh and now, we have a memory to share.

Maybe some would look at us and say that we wasted over a half tank of gas just to eat out. That driving 150 miles one way to eat a hamburger and french fries is ridiculous....and maybe to some it is.

But to's what memories are made of and those are priceless.


Anonymous said...

I think that is awesome!

Sandy said...

Beautiful! And I say it was money well-spent!

(BTW, where in Tennessee did you eat? Did you make it up to Chattanooga?)