Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Forget!!!

I'm kind of surprised....Couldn't anyone use some free laundry detergent???

I've only had 2 respond to getting some free laundry detergent.

I'm giving away 5 coupons for free laundry detergent...this will fit anyone's budget Im sure!!

Want to know how to get this free detergent?? here!!


Greg C said...

Can I have some? Please.

Toknowhim said...

Hey Deb...
Thanks for participating today over at my blog.

I totally can relate to your struggles with Q.T. I have to remember to have the Q.T. the moment I have time, because if I wait too long I will let something else fill its place.

Blessings, Kim

mom-2-4 said...

Hi there,
So I got to pass a lovely blog award on to a few fellow bloggers and it was easy to pass it on to you. I really do love stopping by yours, so stop by mine and "pick up" your award.
Julianne :)

Sarah Dawn said...

Oh how I would love free detergent, but can't find it in Costa Rica! Delighted to meet you, just found you via mom-2-4. Glad I stopped by to splash around abit.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Sarah Dawn said...

Splashin around a bit more, I'll definitely be back.

Blessings from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hi there Deb!

I skipped over here form Julianne's blog to you yours. It is very beautifully done! I love the happens to be me favorite color.