Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lovin' My Gifts!!

It was just another ordinary day. I was up by 6 a.m., had hubby up by 6:15. Watched the morning news to see if it was going to be good motorcycle weather. Hmmm.....95ยบ with 100% humidity...yep, excellent melting weather! Hug and kiss hubby, hand him lunch, wave and he's off.

Take a minute to think about my day..should do devotions first, ahh...but the kids are leaving at 10 to go to the lake. All will be quiet, I'll do it then..BIG lie from satan....

Make the bed, comb my hair, brush my teeth get dressed.

Time for some iced green tea and checking the ole' e-mail box.

Great comments from some bloggy buddies, a couple of those....

Oooops!! Just remembered, meeting Mom about 9 to give her some egg cartons for her fresh hen eggs.

Kids up...go meet Mom...

Back home, kids are laughing running around collecting towels and sunblock.

R drops by for a few minutes and the kids are off to the lake.

Soon all is quiet and I'm enjoying some Toby Mac while washing dishes. Nothing makes dishwashing more fun than singing loudly to Boomin' !! Man!! That's a great song!!


"Mom. All of us are coming home and getting a bite to eat."

"All of who??" Mild panic begins to set in.....

"All of us teenagers. (duh!!) You know...all of us that went to the lake?? (duh!!!)"


"We're hungry."

Oh no!!!! 6 hungry teenagers less than 2 miles from my house!!!! No time to run! No time to hide!

"Okay. See you in a minute..."

"Loveyoubye!!!" (No typo there...with DD, that truly is all one word! :o)

Sweat begins to pour as the panic begins to set in. I stand in the middle of my clean kitchen looking around at the orderly cabinets, clean counters and feeling the cool breeze from the fan.

I realize they've arrived. I hear the thumping of car speakers. I hear the yelling and laughter of 6 mouths, 3 male..3 female....Car doors slam..they're getting closer.....the door flies open and the feeding frenzy begins!!

"Hi Mama Willis!!! Thanks for feeding us!!"

Then begins the clanging of cabinet doors, the noise of ice falling into glasses and the pshh of soda cans being opened. Chips are everywhere, noodles are cooking, bologna sandwiches are being made.

"I LOVE Toby Mac, turn it up!!!"

Then the tv comes on....I know this because I hear the Gospel Music channel in the background....Stellar Kart gives it away...

I'm finally left in the kitchen with Toby Mac singing to me..."I don't want to gain the whole world, and lose my soul...."

The door to the pool deck opens and their off. 2 hours of playing chicken and dumping teenage girls off their floats......

Soon it's time for DS and DD to get ready for work and the crowd disperses.

I look around and I'm left with wet towels, dirty dishes, no food and Toby Mac singing to me.....and I realize......

I wouldn't change this for anything.....I AM BLESSED!!!!!!

Psalm 127:3a "Children are a gift from the Lord...." NLT


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi Deb!
What a great post! You are indeed blessed and isn't it wonderful that they feel comfortable enough to all come to your house to be fed and watered! I love your positivity and can only hope my two children can turn into the wonderful teenagers it sounds like you have!
Love Collette x

Kris said...

So often I find myself becoming impatient with my children...and I have to take a second and breathe in deeply and then they inevitably do something that reminds me of why I love them so much and what blessings they truly are. Thank you so much for sharing!