Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised and Saving Money to Boot!!

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned making my own laundry soap and hoping it would turn out okay. Well let me tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with the way this laundry soap has turned out!!!!! It is so quick and easy to make and one batch has lasted me about 3 weeks which is far longer than I've gotten out of a bottle of laundry soap!!

I went a step farther and made homemade fabric softner. I am very pleased with this as well.
Instead of bleach, I have begun making homemade Oxy clean and so far, I'm still thrilled with bright whites!

I've never been one to pay high prices for too much of anything, but even at the prices I pay, in 3 weeks I've estimated that I've only spent around $1.70 to clean my laundry!!! My normal spending for 3 weeks was usually in the neighborhood of $7.50--a savings estimated at $5.80!!!!

I was very pleasantly surprised that my laundry smelled....clean. No perfumy smell, only clean laundry. Any soils and stains came right out and my laundry was just as soft as it had ever been.

Note that a normal wash week for me is 15 loads a week, give or take a load here and there.

In an average year that has me spending around $28 to wash my laundry. With commercial detergents I spent on average $128 per year. So adding $100 a year to our budget sounds pretty good to me.

It really takes only about 15 minutes to whip up a batch of laundry soap and so in the grand scheme of things, not long at all.

There are two sites that I've found that I absolutely love that share economical ways to do things we do everyday.

One is Tip Nut and the other is Grocery Cart Challenge.

All of us are on board when it comes to saving money, and quite honestly I love the idea of taking better care of our planet as well. Think of all the packaging that isn't going into the landfills if we make more of what we use from scratch!

I really want to encourage you to check out the above sites and give a few of these things a try.
I'm sure, like me, you'll be glad you did!!


Nanci said...


This sounds like a great idea that I think I'd like to give a try. I'm especially interested in the oxyclean recipe. Could you share it? I checked tipnut (which BTW is a great site) but didn't see the recipte for oxyclean.

Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try. THat's big savings. Checked tipnut...Great site...GOnna try the powder...

For whites though I usually use bleach w/ my detergent and it said not to use vinegar w/ bleach...by the time vinegar will go in the bleach will be down drain, wonder if it will matter??!!

Also boy is Help Meet true meat...I think it is the toughest steak I've eat yet...I got the book and man...*Estelle*

Jennifer said...

Wow - that's pretty impressive...even making your own fabric softener (and oxyclean!) I wouldn't even know that was possible! I'm with you - always about saving here or there!

Kris said...

I made my own detergent (of the powdered variety) about 2 weeks ago and I'm loving it. It even cleans better than the other stuff I was using! I've given samples to my family close by to try now...it is so awesome!!

momstheword said...

Deb, do you have a recipe for that homemade oxy clean? I'd love to see it!