Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Good to be Home!!...Blogoversary!!...Posting at The Well

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What a title for a post, huh??!!

Let me begin by saying thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was so blessed when I got home last week to read all of the sweet comments that you, my friends, left each day. It blessed me to know that even when I was away, you stopped by to say hi!!

We had a fantastic time in the mountains!!

We, of course, spent some time shopping....we had teenagers with money... :o)

We...well DH and DS..spent time in the pool. It was a little too cool for DD and myself so we sat on the sidelines and read books while our guys raced laps and shivered!!

We spent one day hiking up to old homesteads and old graveyards. It was so fascinating for us to just think about the lives that were lived in those mountains, even as early as 75 years ago!
We noticed that many of the graves in the graveyards, were of children 10 years old and younger. There were also many teenagers and 20somethings as well. When we asked why, we learned that dysentery was epidemic at that time among other diseases and if you made it to adulthood, you were indeed blessed. Made me appreciate the times of modern medicine that we live in!

The best thing about the day in the mountains was getting to actually see, up close and personal...well, at least from our car window..a mama bear and her cubs! They were absolutely beautiful out foraging and not worrying about all the people gawking at them.

We've tried for years to see bear in the natural habitat....all the way from Yellowstone to the east coast to no avail, but God finally answered a family prayer last Tuesday!! Yes we did get pictures and I'd love to share one with you, but by the time it hit any of us to take a picture, Mama had already hunkered back down in the brush and all we have is a picture of some black fur among green leaves........ahh...but we have our memories...

We stood on the street to watch a street magician perform. Of course, DS was drawn in immediately and tried to pick apart the tricks while DD kept telling him to hush so everyone else could just enjoy it.

We spent time in a Christian store "singing" country gospel together...please understand how huge this was because me, DS and DD are NOT country gospel fans.....(can we say Skillet, Kutless....you get the picture!!) Anyway, we didn't sound too bad 'singing' with Alan Jackson....

After getting home, it was just hanging out, catching up on some things that we'd like to do, but never take the time to do and all too soon...vacation is a memory..

I'm quite certain there must be some way to pay the bills and do the chores while keeping the feeling of being on vacation....hmmmm......the ultimate in perfect life situations!!!

I must also add that in getting away, I was able to slow down, quiet down and hear God. I truly hadn't realized how frazzled I'd become. Confirmation that when I get to overload....it's time for a sabbatical to recharge and get back in tune with my Father.

If you've noticed, I've got a blogoversary coming up in just 2 short days!!!! Wow!...blogging for one year now. So hard to believe. I've met some awesome people, made some wonderful friends. Been encouraged, prayed for, set straight...blessed.

It's been exciting to see what God has done this year through the cyber-world and I can't wait to see what He has planned for the next year.

Also, I'm guest posting over at The Well today. I'd love it if you'd stop by!! The subject...delegating!!!

BIG HUGS to all of you!!!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I loved your post at the Well, so I thought I would come check out your blog. Looks great!

I just got home as well and I must agree with Dorthy. "There is no place like home."

Check out my blog. I also write devotions for mommies. Have you heard of "An Encouraging Word" or "Above Rubies". I have several articles in those magazines.


Jennifer said...

Your time away sounds like great memories! And congratulations on the anniversary coming up - I actually think I'm just about at a year!! Cool.