Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thankful for Change

I haven't shared on my blog yet, but a little over a month ago, God led us to a different church.

Even though we loved our home church, God began dealing with all four of us about being in His will...He was busy revealing things to all of us so that we were united as a family when the decision to leave was made. He closed the doors on certain ministries and time after time let us know that He wanted us somewhere else.

All of us ignored that prompting of the Spirit almost 4 months. Finally God dealt with His stubborn children and put it before us in such a way that even folks around us knew what the Spirit was asking of us.

It was time to move on.

Where? We didn't know and frankly it didn't matter. All we knew was that wherever we went, our one request was a church that was alive. Filled with the Spirit. Not afraid to clap and raise their hands, shout hallelujah or weep openly. Living in a valley of dry bones anymore was not optional.

So began our quest for God to show us His will. Our plan was to visit a church for each service..Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night..then move on to another church until God said, "This is the one."

We made it to one church and we're still there.

Walking into the sanctuary, the Spirit greets you and it just gets better from there!

I have to admit the first couple of services I just sat there like an over sized sponge soaking everything up. My starving soul had sat down at the Table and it was ravenous!! I could not get enough of being spoon fed by my Master and feeling His joy at being able to finally hand that blessing to me.

Last night we sang this chorus over and over:

"I want to sit at Your feet
Drink from the cup in Your hand
Lean back against You and breathe,
Feel Your heart beat.
This love is so deep
It's more than I can stand
I melt in Your peace,
It's overwhelming."

As I sang those words to my Savior, I just closed my eyes and worshiped. I thought about and sang every word to my Father. I offered this up as a prayer to Him.

All I want is to sit as His feet and bask in His perfectness.

I want to drink from the overflowing cup of His blessings.

I want to just lean back against Him and rest...breathe..feel His heart beat.

His love is so much deeper than I could ever imagine.

I want His peace...the peace that passes understanding and overwhelms every sense I have.
Change is never easy. Being obedient is seldom easy, but, as I've said before, being in the will of my Father is always worth it.

You may not know the tune, but let me encourage you to just read...pray...offer the words of that chorus as an offering to the One Who wants to hold you and love you and bless you.


Beth in NC said...

Oh, I love that song!

I'm happy for you and your family. It is scary stepping away from your home church, but God has a plan!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Beautiful song! I haven't had to change Church at all and am so thankful I have a Church were I feel at home, peace and of service to our Lord. I love our Church and you can feel Jesus as soon as you enter among his people there!
Glad you changed if you felt you should have!
Collette xxx

Pam D said...

I love that song, too.. it's so emotional for me. I'm glad that you've found a place that feels right; it is SO important. I loved my church for years, but right now, I find that I just don't want to be there, and I can't put my finger on "why". Maybe God wants me to go somewhere else, and I'm just not opening my eyes to His message. I do long for that "anticipation" that I used to have, and I celebrate with you for finally having found it again.

Jennifer said...

Have a church home - that is a family - is such a blessing! Hope that you will feel like family soon!