Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Story

It's been several weeks since I've added a chapter to Our Story. If you'd like to read past posts of our story, click on the Our Story link under the Labels button on the left side of my blog!! :o)

His memories are so sporadic. It's one of the things that saddens him. She can recall so many things..he..only a few.

The one thing that makes him smile though, is the fact that he can recall many things since meeting her. His prayer...that God will bless him that he will always be able to do so.

One childhood memory he remembers well though........

It had been snowing for days. No school, couldn't go outside and play because the snow had gotten so deep..he was bored. It was so hard being couped up inside when you're 9 years old and there were so many adventures just waiting outside....

Mark lived next door. He was his best friend and they did everything together. Including getting in deep trouble.

And this time....deep was literal.

After several days of snowing you couldn't even see out of the window in the basement. It was just white. Snow was everywhere. The drifts were taller than his dad and people had given up shoveling more than a tiny path out their front door.

Bummed. He was just plain bummed.

Tired of TV and books, he was wandering around the house when the phone rang.


"Hey Philip! Mark. Whatcha doin'?"

"Nuthin'. I'm bored. Wish you could come over."

"Me too. I can't get out of the house though. Mom's watchin' me like crazy!"

"Yeah. Mine too."

"Hey, Philip...I got an idea."


"When I open my basement door, there's a whole wall of snow starin' back at me. How 'bout you?"

"Haven't tried. Why?"

"Well, we could dig tunnels and try to meet in the middle, between each other's houses. Then we could hang out in the tunnels and play!! Wouldn't that be cool?!"

"Sure! But do you really think our folks will let us do that?"

"Well..........they don't have to know do they"?

Wow! He liked this idea.

"Okay. Let's get started. See ya later!"

Hanging up, he yelled and told his mom he was going to hang out in the basement and play for a while. Glad to have him busy, Mom gave him the okay.

Downstairs he opened the basement door and just like Mark, he, too, was looking at a wall of snow.

Looking around he found a shovel and began to dig.

Man this snow was packed!! What to do with the snow in the shovel???
Got it!! Put it in the bathroom sink.

Shovelful after shovelful he slowly began to see a dent in the snow. By evening he was exhausted, but he had a tunnel dug that was several feet deep. He wondered how far Mark had gotten.

Days later while inside the tunnel, he finally heard Mark yell his name!! He couldn't believe it!! All of this work had finally paid off. A little while later they finally connected their tunnels. The fact that this snow could collapse on them never entered the 9 year old minds..they had built a tunnel and to these young little minds if you could build one tunnel, you could build several.

And they did.

By the time they were able to go back to school they had quite the little underground mine going on...and it was awesome!!!!

Soon the temperatures warmed and the tunnel was but a fun memory.

The story of the snow tunnels would be shared with friends and family for years to come--always with a warning to his own children that crawling around in those snow tunnels was probably one of the most stupid things he'd ever done....but to this man who has few precious memories of his childhood---he was glad he'd taken the chance.....

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