Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Story

Many, many months ago DH and I were talking about our we grew up, what we did and the circumstances that brought us together and where we are now. He's always tried to get me to write about our 'life-story' and I've fought him on it. I mean....who wants to read our story, right???
Anyway, I got to thinking, DH supports me in everything I do, if he wants me to write this, it's the least I can do. we go.........

Walk with me….let’s go back in time. More than 40 years ago. Before they were even born, before they were even thought about.

How did it begin? Where has their journey taken them and where are they going?

This is a true story about 2 people…very much in love and doing their very best to serve their Savior, raise their family, and make this journey called life the absolute best it can be.

Welcome to their life. They hope you enjoy....

In The Beginning

She was 15. Much too young to get married, but believed that she had met her Prince Charming and that life would be over if she could not be his bride.

He was 21. Tall, thin, dark, black hair and wore a crooked smile. Oh, the trouble he could get into….but he thought she was beautiful. Sure, she was only 15, but she seemed so much older than those 15 years. He wanted her to be his wife, and she wanted to say yes.

Her mom couldn’t believe what was being asked of her. Saying yes to letting her 15 year old daughter marry someone who was 21?? Someone who could be quite hot tempered and could find himself in a lot of trouble at any given time? She wouldn’t do it! NO. She would not allow her only daughter to marry this man. If anyone granted permission for this, it would be her father.

And he did.

That was March 16, 1963.

Let’s move forward. Chicago, Illinois, August 7, 1964. She woke up that morning feeling every ounce of her 9 month pregnancy weight on her small frame. So far from the hills of West Virginia and the place that had been home all of her young life.

Her husband of little more than a year was leaving for work. She kissed him goodbye and thought she might just lie down for a little while. In just a few minutes she was sound asleep. A couple of hours later she awoke to incredible pain flowing through her body. She was pretty sure this was labor, but even if it wasn’t, something had to be done. She called her husband at work then called for a taxi. He was going to meet her at the hospital. Only four and a half hours later, she cradled her first child. A girl. 8 pounds 4 ounces. They named her Deborah Lynn. Her mother liked that name and she missed her mother.

Only a state away….In Indiana lived a young, single 22 year old woman. She had met a man and things had gotten out of control. She became pregnant. Like the 15 year old, she too was feeling every ounce of her pregnancy weight. She still had 2 months to go before she gave birth, but she had so much on her mind. Determined to keep this child and raise it, she knew it would be hard. Already she loved this baby and she knew they would make it..somehow.

October 8 found her giving birth to a boy. She named him Philip Ray, after his dad…only he didn’t know that and wasn’t interested in anything about him. With a powerful determination she moved forward. She would raise this child and he would be loved. She would make sure of that. For her, there were no other options.

Time marched on. She worked and began life raising a little boy. Then..she met a man. A man, who, this time, truly loved her and loved this little boy. He asked her to marry him. She said yes. He asked to adopt her little boy. Again she said yes. They became a family.

This is how we began. Philip and Deb. This is where our story begins. Please continue to walk with us as we share our love for each other with you….


Loriann said...
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Loriann said...

How cool is that! God is good! I am glad you decided to write about your life. Cool! Thank you for visiting my new site... it is and will be a work in progress, I want it to be used for God, to witness, and to encourage others. Have a blessed week. Lori

Sandy said...

Love "The Story" and looking forward to the next chapter :)

Have a blessed week!