Friday, April 3, 2009

My Husband Rocks

DD has Syncape. It's a condition of the blood vessels leading to her heart. We've known about this invader for about 7 years now.

What is Syncape? Basically, if DD over exerts herself, gets incredibly upset or excited (does anyone have a clue as to how hard it is to keep a teenage girl calm 24/7???!!) or takes any medication other than Tylenol or Benedryl ...anything that increases her heart rate, she can pass out. She passes out because the blood pumping into her heart can't keep up with the blood pumping out of her heart. So, for moments there is no blood and she passes out.

7 years later, we've learned how to manage this invader and DD has gotten much better at reading the signals her body sends her. She will most likely live with this intruder the rest of her life (along with a murmur that we found at 2 and is still hanging around keeping the Syncape company I guess).

What has this got to do with my rockin' husband??


As I've posted before, we had quite the time getting pregnant in the first place (read my post here). So welcoming this tiny bundle of joy in the world was huge for us.

I remember watching this almost 6 foot tall, 240 pound man holding this tiny 6 pound 3 ounce girl in his big hands. He was so proud and so scared.

Watching the 2 of them over the years have tea parties (I actually have video of this big guy sitting (?) in a 1½' tall chair drinking "tea"), playing in the mud, watching the Smurfs and riding motorcycles.

I've helped him cry as she went on her first date, as she entered the living room all dressed up for her first prom, and unless something drastic happens--we're pretty sure in the next few months, we will be planning a wedding......(sigh...)

But most of all, I witnessed this big man be strong for his little girl when she didn't understand what was happening with her heart. She's grown up with the murmur, but it's never caused any real problems. But this Syncape? Well, this intruder is mean and scary.

I've watched him hold her while she cried. I've watched him encourage her when she would get frustrated because she couldn't run and play hard like the other kids. I've watched him search the store shelves and talk with countless pharmacists trying to find meds that wouldn't increase her heart rate. A head cold for us is a nuisance. A head cold for DD is a 3 week long ordeal of total misery.

Not only is my guy an awesome husband, he is a rockin' Daddy, and this, my friends, is just another reason why My Husband Rocks!!!

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momstheword said...

I have never heard of this before. And I've also never heard of a calm teenage girl, lol!

So glad your dd is alright, though. My dad cried when he saw me in my wedding dress. So be prepared for dear hubby to do the same! That's o.k., it's just love!

Toknowhim said...

What an awesome tribute to your husband...He does rock :)

Also, thank you for the prayer you left on my blog for my mom and our family... It means so much...

Blessings, Kim

rhonda said...

That is so cool. Your husband rocks and you let him know that is the best part. What a great reminder to tell my hubby how much he means and how great of a dad he is with my kids. Thanks

momstheword said...

O.k., so for some reason your button isn't on my blog. I thought I had put it on there after it was fixed but I don't see it. So I am totally putting it back on there, girlfriend!