Friday, April 17, 2009

Beginnning The Day

Today is going to be a busy day.

It's my bi-monthly shopping day.

Got my list ready. Stores to visit with the best deals.

Got my coupons ready. 50¢ here, $1.00 there. Save money, save money, save money.

Mmmmm. Just me and DD today, maybe we'll go out to eat....check coupons. Yep. Got several. Now to choose.

Grab my reusable bags. Can't stand the thought of bringing home more of those plastic bags than I need to. (Of course, I need a few for trash bags in the bathrooms).

Make the bed, straighten the bathroom. Fill the cat food bowl.

Comfy jeans, favorite t-shirt...stick my head out the door to check the temp....oh yeah....flip flops today!!

Yikes!!! Look at those toe nails!!! Quick swipe of some polish...not great, but no one's going to be close enough to my feet to notice..

Gather everything my phone??? Yep. (Whatever did we do before cell phones????) Ooops, about forgot my Skillet cd..

Out the door. Let's go shopping!! Woo Hoo!!

I love a bargain, the thrill of the hunt, the trophy of a dollar saved.

Headin' down the highway...."Watch out!! Are you blind!!??" People really need to pay more attention.

Stopped at the red light that turned green at least three minutes ago. "Hellloooo...waitin' on a different shade of green up there??"

Tummy's about that lunch that we've planned for???

"Are you kidding me??? Out of white meat unless I want to wait 10 minutes??? No, never mind, just give me a thigh." People really ought to be able to do their job correctly if they're going to work with the public.

Hours later....oh my feet hurt and if one more 8 year old rams into me.......Stand in line, hurry up and wait, I'm so ready to go home.

"I'll have to check if I can take internet coupons."

"For real?? Seeing as I have a letter from your corporate office in my wallet stating what's acceptable, is that really necessary?"

Wait, wait, wait.....can't people see I have a lot to do????

Finally, back in the car, look at the gas gauge. Probably should fill up since gas appears to be a little cheaper today. Save money, save money, save money.

"Look at those lines at the pump!!!! Is this the only station in town???"

Wait, wait wait. Put on that plastic smile, make everybody think I've got it all together.

But there's Someone I'm not foolin'.

There is Someone Who I've yet to even say good morning to.

He's tried plenty of times to get my attention today, but I've been about my duties to be a good steward of the monies we've been blessed with.

After all, isn't gathering my coupons and mapping my route so I can save money a wise thing to do??

Isn't gathering those reusable bags to help save the earth a wise thing to do??

Splurging to go out to eat??? Not godly perhaps, but I did use a wiser.

Clean house = happy hubby.......Full bowl = happy cat.

Nice toenails?? Well, okay..maybe not so important in the Heavenly realm...

Skillet? Hey!! They're singing about my Jesus!! Can't fuss there!

Folks cutting me off in traffic---shouldn't I have prayed and asked God to keep them safe and to help them through whatever is weighing them down and causing them to be distracted?

Waiting on white meat--shouldn't I have lifted the new employee up in prayer?? What I didn't know is that she had to come to work today and leave a very sick baby at home because hubby got laid off.....they need the money, she's carrying a heavy load.

Why get angry at that cashier about those internet coupons...she was told in a meeting this morning that no matter who let one more counterfeit coupon go through they would be fired.

Griping at the lines at the pump?? Aren't I in line at those same pumps???...for the same reason as everyone else???

Oh my.....why have I been so out of sorts today? "God, where have you been??"

"......waiting on you. All day I've tried to get your attention and you've ran about doing your own thing. Oh.. the blessings you've missed out on today, because you didn't begin your day with Me and see what I had planned. The lives you weren't able to change because you had your own agenda. You've been so blind, so deaf to those around you..thinking you were doing My work, even though you hadn't even given Me any time to share with you what this day held in store for you."

"I'm so sorry...what can I do??"

".....Don't worry about those you missed today. I had other vessels that were ready to be used. What can you do??? Don't rush into your day without checking in with Me. I know the plans I have for you and you will be filled with joy unspeakable as long as your treasures are stored in Heaven. I love you and the greatest thing you can do for me, is love me in return."

Let me ask, is Jesus waiting on you??

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Sue G said...

Again, a most pertinent and eloquent post. I think I'm really going to enjoy reading more from you. No, I KNOW I'm going to enjoy reading more from you!

Thanks for sharing your gifts/talents with us!