Friday, April 24, 2009

My Husband Rocks

DH and I are working on our 26th year of marriage. Over that time, it would be very hard to put a number as to how much money he has saved us.

Even though being a great steward of our finances is enough reason for my husband to rock, that's not what this post is about.

My dear hubby is so blessed with the ability of being mechanically inclined.

It just seems to come naturally to this man of mine, that when something breaks or isn't running quite as efficiently as it should, that he can just fix it or make it run better.

It never ceases to amaze me how this stuff just comes to him!!!

The only formal training he's had is in the Heating & Air field. Everything else is God-given!!

I remember one time in particular...

I had put in my millionth load of laundry. We lived in Colorado and were expecting out of town family at the end of the week.

After putting my laundry in, I went about my business doing some other house cleaning and when I went back into the laundry room, I was met with a floor full of water!!!!!

OH NO!!!! This couldn't be happening!!!! It wasn't the right time to be adding an indoor swimming pool!!!

Bear in mind this washing machine was 18 years old and DH had performed surgery on it at least 3 times in those 18 years.

I turned off the machine and the water, cleaned up the mess and waited anxiously for DH to get home from work.

I usually try to have a calm house when he gets home, but this particular day, he was met with a very frantic wife!

"You've GOT to fix the washer!!! You know your sister and her family are coming the end of the week!!! I have to have a working washer!!!"

Calmly he assures me everything will be fine...(why do men try to get frantic wives to believe EVERYTHING is ALWAYS going to be fine????...)

He begins by moving the machine in a position that he can look under it. While he's looking under it I hear, "Ummm, this doesn't look good..."

"What do you mean this doesn't look good?? It has to look good!! We have company coming in a few days!! MAKE IT LOOK GOOD!!" Of course I said all of this to myself....there are times when I'm smarter than the average bear..

"Sweetie.....I can't fix it this time. Looks like we've got to get a new machine."

"You're kidding!! You really can't fix it???? You've got to be able to fix it!!!" (this actually came out of my mouth..)

Now I know, all of you sweet bloggy buddies are going, "Are you NUTS!!?? Your hubby just told you you could buy a new washer and you're complaining. need a doctor!!"

But you've got to understand....DH can fix everything, including an 18 year old washing machine!!!

But, wasn't to be.

We ended up saying goodbye to a dear family member and bringing home one....(that, by the way, only lasted 3 years!!!)

DH does all of the work on our vehicles...I'm talking the deep engine repair, break jobs, replacing name it.

He's rewired our house, does all the drywall and remodeling.
He's laid carpet and counters and refinished our wood floors.

Last summer he and DS along with a little (very little, help from me and DD) put a new metal roof on our house.

That I can recall, we've only had someone come to our home 2 times in almost 26 years to repair something.

He's fixed BB guns and Barbie dolls and glued back together more what-nots that I can begin to count. (I'm talking practically shattered what-nots because I just couldn't bear to part with them!..)

This man of mine is totally awesome and he truly rocks!!!

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Cher said...

Oh I love this post! I can so relate... I call my hubby the JimmyRig Master b/c he can fix anything! I am always amazed. How do they do it?! I'm hoping not to have any washer problems in the near future, though! :)

Pam D said...

He sounds just like my dad! Dad did everything around our house, and even roofed the neighbors' houses for pretty much the cost of the materials. He repaired cars, TV's, radios, and pretty much anything else. He paved our drive and built brick planters around the patio. The list was endless; he was amazing. Hubby can do a lot, and I dearly love and respect him, but in the "fix-it" area, Dad ruled.