Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember to Vote Your Convictions Tomorrow

I'm going to be honest, I'm not fond of talking politcs. Yes, I do try to be informed. Yes, I do try to keep up with the current events. Yes, I am going to vote tomorrow and I truly hope you intend to also. I want to share my struggles with this election though.

I'm not going to tip toe around this...I will not be voting for Barrak Obama. This man clearly stands for everything I'm against. He's had way too many inconsistencies while he's been campaigning and done too much back-peddling, so to speak. I have absolutely no peace about this man being president of our country.

On the other hand.....In years past, I have always voted the Republican candidate for President. Sad to say, this year, I will not be voting for John McCain. This man, too, stands for things I am completely against. Like Obama, I have no peace about this man being president of our country either.

So what to do?? I was truly at my wit's end, praying, reading, seeking direction and wisdom from others and no one had any guidance to offer. All seemed hopeless. I had folks telling me to just vote the lesser of two evils. Something about that doesn't seem for the lesser of an evil???

Anyway, thanks to Chelsey over at Joyfully Living ( for introducing Independent Chuck Baldwin to me. After checking out his website, and doing a little research on my own. After careful consideration and prayer, I will be voting for him for President. I encourage you to check out his site over at There, you can read about this candidate and make an informed decision for yourself.

The important thing is that you vote your convictions. Not what anyone, including myself, is telling you. We have less than 24 hours to make up our minds and when you leave the polls, I pray that you do so with a clear conscience, knowing that you 1. Voted 2. Voted your convictions.


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Lisa said...

I agree Deb, you should vote your convictions. I've been looking at Chuck Baldwin myself.